Still Waiting For Kerry

As if it were not bad enough that we had to see the lies of Ted Kennedy unfold we are still cursed by the lie (I know, which one) that John Kerry told America when he said he would sign his SF 180 allowing unrestricted release of his military records. Given the revelation that Kennedy belonged to a sexist club and that it was just now discovered after decades of his service in the Senate, one has to ask what John Kerry could be hiding in his military records.

I believe it is a dishonorable discharge and Kerry is too cowardly to just sign the papers and let America see for itself. Big John is a liar like his mentor Teddy and I am willing to bet hell will nearly be frozen over before Kerry signs that 180. John, sign the SF 180 allowing unrestricted release of your record and send it to the correct custodian so that America can see what you are hiding. This will allow you to fulfil a promise made on national TV.

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