Still Think She Is Not Running?

Senator Clinton was at a synagogue, of all places, talking about how life was rosy and we had a balanced budget and 22 million new jobs and all the other bunk that the Clintons throw out when they are rewriting history. I expect the Clintons to tell us stories that fit their needs. Billy was found guilty of doing just that but under oath.

What is interesting is that Hillary Clinton is at a Jewish house of worship. This is pretty indicative of the fact she is running in 2008. She and Billy did everything they could to alienate Jews when they were at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. They invited Arafat to the White House more times than any other leader and they courted the whims of the Palestinians. They shunned the Jews in Israel, and by extension Jews everywhere, by courting the very terrorist who was out to end the Jewish race.

Yes, it must be election time because the Clintons are out pandering to crowds they have no use for any other time. Of course, maybe she repented when she became evangelical….

But I support the Democratic party.

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