Still Think Illegals Are Harmless?

The illegals coming into this country are causing all kinds of problems. It is almost a certainty that they brought in the Enterovirus D68 that is causing so many children to get sick (and several to die). They are causing all kinds of problems with our economy as they rape us of our tax dollars by getting government handouts. They are also overwhelming our medical system while receiving care they do not pay for.

They are working off the books and sending a lot of money back to their home countries. They are committing crimes and they are illegally voting in our elections.

When will people pay attention and address this issue? Of course, by address this issue I mean deport as many as we can and build a fence to keep the others out.

Our government has had deaf ears to our calls for enforcement. Our government ignores the crimes committed against us. Our government is responsible for this mess.

Maybe they will pay attention now that two sheriff’s deputies in California have been murdered by an illegal alien who has been deported a number of times and has broken many laws including laws regarding illegal drugs.

Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte (this is one of many names used while here) has a violent past filled with illegal activity and several deportations from this country.

Yet he was here again and he murdered two deputies and shot a civilian.

The Federal Government and any state that is a sanctuary state (hello California) are responsible for this mess and the death of those deputies is on their hands.

It is time to stop pandering to the illegals and to get as tough as possible in order to get those who are here out and to keep those who are trying to enter from doing so.

The illegal immigration issue is one that liberals are trying to make political gains with. They are pandering to the illegal crowd to get votes.

Well their refusal to enforce our laws and their turning a blind eye to the illegals walking in has resulted in the death of two law enforcement officers who will no longer go home at the end of the day to be with their families.

We need to end this and if the advocates for amnesty do not like it then perhaps we should consider sending them with those we deport…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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