State Run Media In The US

In a free country the media would publish stories that it produced and it would not take into account the feelings of the people affected (except to protect people like minors or to clear up errors in facts). This is particularly true with regard to politicians. The media are the fourth estate and a free press (now all media) ensures that public servants are held accountable.

This is only true and only works if the media are unbiased and unhampered.

Unfortunately we have a biased media and that media, at least those reporting on the president, are hampered as the White House receives the reports from the press pool and distributes them.

This is not ideal but the White House has the ability to shoot the press pool reports to a large media audience and this is a task the press pool can’t (or won’t) accomplish. All in all this would not be bad since the White House has the resources.

The rub though, is the White House reads the reports first and has, according to some reporters, demanded that the press change the reports.

This is not how a free press or free society works. The White House should not be reading these prior to release and if there are errors noted after release then the White House can release its own statement. Items found to be in error can be corrected by the media.

We have a state controlled media with regard to the White House press pool. What happens if the reporter refuses to change the report? Does the White House refuse to forward it? Does the White House hold it until it can devise a spin or until the information loses its impact?

Perhaps it is time for the press pool to devise its own distribution framework so that the White House is not involved.

This way the White House does not influence or control the media (any more than a Democrat controlled White House already does).

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
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One Response to “State Run Media In The US”

  1. Blake says:

    Perhaps it is time that citizens demand the press run stories unbiased, or risk their lives- that might be the only way the press gets the message.