Stallone Thinks Walls are not Good

Sylvester Stallone, fresh off making his new movie, Rocky X The Gumming Geezer, was down in Mexico and he seems to have an affinity for the folks there. He also thinks that America could not function without them and that walls are bad.

“I support Mexicans who work in my country,” he said, adding that the United States depends on the hard work of Latinos to keep running.

In comments to Mexican media later, Stallone criticized plans to build 700 miles of fence along the border as an immigration-control measure.

Such a fence was “crazy” and “ridiculous,” he said, arguing that nations should be able to interact without being divided by walls. Breitbart

Yes Sly, neighbors should be able to interact without walls but since the southern neighbor keeps breaking in we have to do something. It is not we Americans sneaking into their country illegally. I wonder if you have a fence around your home like so many other celebrities. Is it possible that you have the fence to keep people out? We should be able to interact without fences or walls, Sly. Maybe you live in a place with a private road or other barriers.

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One Response to “Stallone Thinks Walls are not Good”

  1. Robert says:

    Yeah I saw this today and posted about it too.
    Stallone like all the famous idiots should Shut Up and Dance/Act or Sing.