Speed/Red Light Cameras Are About Revenue

The claim is that they are about safety. Yes, those cameras set up to capture people who are speeding or running red lights. Instead of having a police officer see you commit a wrongful act and ticket you, a camera snaps a photo and you get a ticket a few months later.

Most people get the ticket and pay the fine. They can’t remember the incident or don’t want to deal with the hassle. You see, there are no points assessed and there is no need to go to court to face an accuser because the violation is a civil one.

The system is bad and open to lots and lots of corruption. The very fact that it takes months and most people will not contest the fine can lead to more people being ticketed even if they do not deserve to be. Couple this with incentives (more money for more tickets) to the companies running these things and the table is set.

A lawyer in Baltimore received a ticket for going 38 in a 25 mph zone. That is above the 12 mph required to be issued a ticket. I am willing to bet that in most cases, say 99 out of a 100, the person would pay the fine. This lawyer did not. You see, the picture taken clearly shows that his vehicle was NOT moving at the time the infraction allegedly took place. His brake lights are on and a short video of the incident shows he was not moving. It is also obvious that there is traffic crossing in front of him from a crossing.

How did this happen? Was it a mistake? How many others have been ticketed when they were not moving and how many paid the fines? This was not isolated as at least 7 other cameras in Baltimore have been shown to be issuing incorrect tickets. Millions of dollars in fines have been collected by the city and one must wonder how much of the money was obtained because of a mistake, or worse yet, fraud.

These cameras are only there to generate revenue so it is not beyond reason that they could be manipulated to increase revenue even more. If this was about safety, as those who support the placement of cameras claim, then why are there no points for the infraction? Why are there no other punishments? Why are speed cameras in work zones set to capture people driving at speeds that will most assuredly result in the death of a struck worker as the regular speed limit? I saw one camera placed where the speed limit allowed was the normal speed limit of 65 mph. This means a person could go 77 mph and NOT get a ticket. How is that speed in any way, shape, or form safe for workers?

I remember a red light camera being placed in an area I go through regularly and the newspaper said it was there for safety. They took it down and the reason was that it did not produce enough revenue.


I think not. The fact is they use these things to increase revenue. They don’t have to do much and they get a huge return on investment because most people do not contest the tickets.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
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One Response to “Speed/Red Light Cameras Are About Revenue”

  1. David Mullen says:

    We had Red Light Cameras’ installed by the City of: Chillicothe, Ohio without input from the Citizens’.
    We were told they would “Relieve Police Officers” from monitoring
    “High Traffic” intersecion, thus have more time to patrol other areas of the community.
    The problem was the community had no say in the matter.
    So, a Group formed to have the issue placed on a ballot for a vote.

    It went down by a 72 against – 28% for margin, and the lights came down. All this happended approximately (5) five years ago.

    In reality the lights were being used to add more revenue to the General Fund..

    Putting the lights up without community input, to me, was just another case of Government making decisions and bypassing citizens’ rights…

    Glad they’re gone, and so is the Mayor who formed the scheme..

    Stand and Fight or be Subjugated!!

    I my opinion, OBAMANAIONCARE should have been placed on a National Ballot with all of it’s little hidden secret’s exposed to the Nation…