Special Access To Congress 1-800-882-2005

Thanks to my friend Trip at Webloggin for this information!

It has long been known that certain groups or people have unlimited access to Congress. Big time contributers, those with a lot of influence and people who espouse a pet project of a member have unfettered access, a direct line if you will, right to elected leaders. Jack Abramoff had access to quite a few members (from both parties regardless of what the Dems say) because he had a lot of money to splash around. A donation of $5000 buys two ears without distraction. This is wrong because all people who are represented should have the same access. If Soros can pick up the phone and call Hillary I should be able to do the same without getting some recording or receptionist to take my message. Hell, it is difficult to even get through to a member via email if you do not live in their area.

The immigration issue is out of control and an overwhelming majority of Americans do not want what is being forced upon them. Poll after poll shows this but since this does not help what they want to do, they ignore the polls. Constituents have been burning up the phone lines to express displeasure with this bill that will ultimately grant amnesty or reward ILLEGAL behavior and some members have backed away from the issue. People have had a hard time getting through because of the volume of calls that have been received. George Soros has set up a hot line that is for (Spanish speaking) people who support this bill to use. He has a special 800 number set up for people to have a direct line in without having to make a long distance call or waiting in line. Isn’t it ironic that people who do not want to wait in line to come here legally do not wait in line to express their opinion. Soros and the rest of the supporters have a lot of nerve but they will be defeated.

The thing about this is that Soros is paying for it and though he intended for it to be used by those who support the bill the number can be used by anyone. The phone has no way of knowing what you want to say to your elected leaders so you can call the number and bypass the instruction to get through to your members of Congress. I also do not believe that they are allowed to hang up on you if you are against the bill. I am not sure but I think there is supposed to be equal access and if they allow one group and not the other there could be problems.

So, I suggest that everyone who desires to call DC and express displeasure with this bill do so by using the number graciously provided by George Soros. This should save some long distance charges and allow more folks to get through.

I just dialed it and it works fine. The instructions are all in Spanish but if you press 1 when each Spanish instruction starts after three tries (or so) you are routed right to your Senator’s Office. I got right through without a wait, no busy signal, no nothing.

It was really nice of George to set this up for us. It shows several things; people with money have special access, the people in favor of this bill know it is in trouble, and private industry does things a lot better than the government.

Be sure to sign the petition against amnesty!

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  1. Media Lies says:

    Isn’t this nice…….

    ….George Soros has been kind enough to set up a direct line to your Senator’s office so you can let him or her know how you feel about the im……