Someone Slap Some Sense Into Him

The Congress was in session for most of the night voting on issues that had to be cleared up before they could take another break from the “Hard” work they do. I am not sure I am comfortable with people who have had little sleep voting on important things. I am happy they are going home because the country is safer when they are not in session though I think it is a huge waste of taxpayer money for them to have so many days off during the holidays.

David ObeyThey voted on providing money for the military and the Republicans added ANWR to the mix. There were other things added. This is how they always get things done. The minority party always complains about it and the taxpayer always gets screwed when it involves spending money, but both parties do it. I wonder how many people remember that the first President Bush was screwed when the moonbats added a tax increase to a women’s and children’s bill. If he vetoed it, he was against women and children. When he signed it, the donks said he broke is promise of no new taxes. This was a calculated effort by the donks.

Now we have ANWR. There are a few moonbats upset because they had to either vote for it or against the military. It sucks being the minority party but the minority party adds as much to bills as anyone else. In case you missed it, they all do it. If they had the courage of their convictions, something I think the first Bush lacked on the aforementioned bill, they would vote against it. The major reason they did not is they want to get home. Any other time they would say no and it would get dropped. They did however, screw the Senate. The Senate can not recess until it takes up business and there appears to be a filibuster on the horizon (in addition to the one currently involving the Patriot Act). I would love to see them stuck in session through the holidays.

Here is the laugher, provided by Representative David Obey, as reported by WBAL:

“There is something especially outrageous about the willingness of the majority party leadership to allow the Defense Department bill, in a time of war, to be held hostage to totally unrelated special interest items,” Obey said.

David Obey has been in public office for almost as long as I have been alive and he NOW thinks this is outrageous? Where has this lunk head been? This has been going on for ever and ever. This is why we need a line item veto but Congress will never give the President that power. Of course, I doubt Bush would veto this since he is in favor of the drilling.

If the elected officials are worried that things get tacked on to bills they have three options. Don’t vote for a bill that contains something they do not like, stop adding things to bills, or give the President line item veto authority. Since I do not see any of these things happening I recommend Obey and the rest shut up and do their jobs.

Story at WBAL

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