Someone Is Running Scared

Al-Qaida No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahri released a video tape where he called George Bush a butcher. This was evidently his response for the recent attack that was aimed at killing him but instead killed a bunch of other terrorists. This terrorist is upset because an attack was launched at “his humble self.” Well, well, it looks like the humble one is a little upset that we are trying to kill him. He seems to be OK with cutting the heads off innocent people but when we blow up a bunch of his guys and just miss him he calls our President a butcher. Well screw you terrorist. I want you to be blown to pieces and die a terribly horrible death and I want the same for all your terrorist buddies.

This jackass also had the talking points from the DNC. He was telling us how to blame the President if soldiers come home in coffins. he said we are wasting money and blood for nothing and he said we did not accept the truce offer from Osama bin Laden. How dare us?

It is obvious that we are wearing on these guys and they are tired of being killed by the dozens. They are trying to play the Democrat’s card to get us to pull out but that is not going to work. We have these guys on the run and we have the very afraid. Now is the time to keep pressing forward and to kill every last one of those terrorist jackasses. We need to kill, kill, kill and not stop until all of them are looking for virgins. If that makes me a butcher, then so be it.


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