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With everything going on in the world one would think the press would have better questions to ask at White House press briefings. More importantly, one would think our elected officials had better things to do than write letters to the President asking him if he believes in contraception. That is right, 19 members of congress want to know if the President believes in contraception. Here is an excerpt from the press briefing:

Q. I have one follow up. Nineteen members of Congress from seven states have written a letter to the President saying that they are still waiting for an answer to a May 26th question: Is the President opposed to contraception. And my question is, could they now have an answer to my question? Or do you regard them, too, as not to be dignified with a response?

The “dignify response” is in reference to the previous briefing where McClellan said that he had discussed it and was not going to dignify it with a response, or words to that effect. Well, I will answer it for him. No. The question coming from the congressmen does not dignify a response. I don’t give a rodent’s derriere who they are. They question does not dignify a response. Can someone tell me what the big deal is as to whether the President believes in contraception?

Perhaps they are worried he will nominate a dreaded anti-contraception judge who will overturn Trojan v. Wade? Perhaps they are worried that a anti coitus interuptus judge will make it to the bench and include opinions on premature withdrawal (which, in this case, does not refer to the left’s favorite war tactic)? Are they worried he will pass an anti condom law for the UN and all those rapists peace keepers will have to ride bare back? Why are so many members of congress interested in this President’s opinion on the union of a sperm and an egg? I never heard them ask the last President what his opinion of the union of body fluid and tonsils was. Of course that was pretty evident after while. They did not care because they were all doing the same thing to him for political favor.:bigsurprise_ee:

I am getting more worried every day. It seems like every time you turn around members of congress are sending letters to the President to ask him about his opinion on things. I guess they figure that if enough of them sign the paper it will actually mean something. I think it just means the President thumbs his nose and says for them to mind their own damned business. And for God’s sake, could the press just ask some rational questions that actually have bearing on things going on in the world.

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