Some Republicans Will Actually Help Rahm

Rahm Emanuel is in a political battle to win reelection as Mayor of Chicago. Emanuel did not get enough votes to win outright and now he is pitted against a relative unknown challenger in the runoff.

Rahm is as partisan as they get. He hates Republicans and anyone else who is not on board with his socialist/progressive agenda. I have never heard him say anything positive about those who disagree with him and he is all in favor of a scorched earth policy to get what he wants while destroying those who stand in his way.

While it is not highly publicized, Rahm needs Republican support to win his reelection. He needs Republican voters to vote for him or he will most likely lose. He needs those he would just as soon ship to another planet to save his worthless butt from a humiliating defeat.

And the worst thing of all is there are Republicans who will help him.

There are certainly Republican voters who view him as the lesser of two evils and will cast their ballot in his favor. The lesser of two evils is still evil so just stay home.

Republican Senator Mark Kirk has already put his support behind Emanuel saying Chicago would become like Detroit if he loses. I get that Kirk is a US Senator representing Illinois but Chicago is heading to being like Detroit no matter what.

Couldn’t Kirk just keep his mouth shut? Hey Mark, do you think Emanuel will reciprocate and back you against a Democrat challenger? He will kiss you and leave cab fare on the table on his way out.

Emanuel has also garnered the support of conservative Republicans from different organizations.

Why are they helping this guy? He should be left to live or die (politically speaking) on his own.

Perhaps it is because in the overall scheme of things politics trumps party and country when all the players are working toward the same goals.

Sure, they all fight and call each other names but in the overall scheme of things politicians and organizations of both major parties are taking us to the same destructive place. Democrats are doing it in the fast lane and Republicans in the slow lane but in the end they will both reach the same destination.

We need to get people like Emanuel OUT of office even if his replacement is not any better. If the guy can’t cut it they can replace him in the next election but Emanuel will be GONE.

It would be strange if Emanuel wins and only because of Republican support. It would then be fun to watch as Emanuel returns the favor by promptly screwing them over.

Pop the popcorn it looks like the fun will soon begin.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Some Republicans Will Actually Help Rahm”

  1. Barbara says:

    This guy is as bad as his ex boss, both need to be shipped off the planet. People that keeps putting these corrupt bastards in needs to be dropped off along with these idiots.