Some People Will Believe This

Recently I wrote about how George Bush manufactured and manipulated a hurricane so that it would strike New Orleans. Of course this was tongue in cheek and designed to show the lunacy of the claims. Here is another item about it:


“OK, Jesse Jackson, you win. You figured it out. There’s no keeping a secret from you and your fellow black leaders. So on behalf of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, I will confess all: Hurricane Katrina was a racist. ‘Katy,’ as we called her in the labs of Halliburton, was unleashed by the Bush administration and its evil minions in the oil industry using a super-secret, high-tech weather machine originally developed by Nazi Germany and passed down through the Skull and Bones Society at Yale. Just ask John Kerry; he knows all about it.

“…But the plan almost failed. Despite the best efforts of the weather masters at NASA, Katrina hit to the east of New Orleans, allowing the levees to hold. Then, suddenly, the levees failed nearly a day later. What really happened? To find out, consider this question from a sharp-eyed reporter at a Bush/Clinton hurricane aid news conference: ‘How do you respond to rumors that the levees were intentionally opened?’

“Aha! Caught again! The levee system, which withstood the hurricane itself, had to be blown the next day, using a secret, silent explosive developed by the Pentagon for the Contras in Nicaragua back in the ’80s – all funded by the CIA thanks to profits from selling crack to inner-city blacks.”

– Talk show host/columnist Michael Graham

The sad part about it all is that while people point out the stupidity of these items, some people will actually believe them.

Big Dog Salute to DS.

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