Some Idiots Will Believe It

I have to thank the DNC and Howie Dean for my post material. I got an email from the DNC and it contains a few paragraphs that are full of more BS than a barnyard. In addition, the donks took a swipe at someone who helped them out reinforcing what I posted earlier, never negotiate with a democrat. More on that later.
Here are the two paragraphs that made me laugh harder than I have in a while:

Today Republican Leadership will spend the day schmoozing elite donors from across the country who have paid up to $25,000 for access. Even John McCain will check his campaign finance reform credentials at the door to dine with special interests and lobbyists paying $5,000 a plate for lunch.

That’s not how we Democrats do business. We are building a broad base of donors large and small to hold our party accountable to the people. You can help make it happen:

The first item to point out is that the democrats want us to believe that they do not have these elaborate fund raisers and that they do not do business that way. I guess they did not read my post about Hillary going to California for $1000 a plate dinners that raised funds for her reelection in New York (go figure). I guess the donks have forgotten that George Soros donated MILLIONS of dollars (upwards of 20 million) to the defeat of George Bush last year. I guess they forgot that they lead the pack in 527 contributions. The donks tell me, in this nifty email, that they do business by collecting dues donations from the little guys. The Joe six packs out there. The fellow who can part with a hundred bucks for the cause. This way the donks can be held accountable. I guess they want us to believe that after they take the millions in 527 money they will not be jumping around as people like Soros pull those little puppet strings. I imagine, and maybe it is me, that they have forgotten that George Bush and the republican party were the ones who received the largest number of private donations in the small amount category. I guess they figure that the American public will have forgotten these details. The problem is, they are right.

There will be idiots out there who actually believe this tripe. There will be people who say “Oh they are looking out for the little guy so I have to give so I can have a say.” Grow up folks. They take your money in the form of taxes and they do not give you a say in anything and you pay a hell of a lot more than a hundred dollars. There is no way that these guys give a rodent’s derriere about what you think as long as you fork over your money. Keep in mind that while they are telling you that the republicans are at big fund raisers and they are asking the little guy, the donks are out getting money hand over fist from the elite in Hollywood and people like Soros. By the way, has anyone heard of some big republican fund raiser? I would be curious where these guys are going to get this money. It might actually be going on but I have not heard of any fund raiser.

The memo is right about one thing though. The donks do raise money differently. They raise it by renting out the Lincoln Bedroom like it is a room in a sleazy hooker hotel. They raise money by having people donate to the presidential defense fund (they were talking about Clinton when they said broad base). They do it by selling missile technology to the Chinese. They do it by having guys like Michael Moore make hour and a half commercials for them. They do it by having the liberals in Hollywood throw big fund raisers for them. Yes folks, they do raise money differently over at Dean Central.

Now for the second part. Notice the quote says even John McCain will be out doing it. Like, here is the best republican out there and he does it too. In all reality, McCain is another democrat. But, McCain was one of the folks who compromised with the donks over the nuclear option. The ink was not dry on the paper before the donks went back on their word and now they are bad mouthing one of the guys who helped them. I am kind of glad they did it because it shows McCain that no good deed goes unpunished when you deal with a donk, it shows that the donks will say anything and screw anyone to get what they want and it proves what I posted when it all took place. Never, ever, negotiate with a democrat.

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One Response to “Some Idiots Will Believe It”

  1. Surfside says:

    You forgot to mention all the big Union money that gets funnelled into the DNC. Union members have no say in where it goes. One could almost argue that the DNC is encouraging the “little people” give twice — if they belong to a union.

    Of course, George Soros, Babs and Alec Baldwin are quite generous in their contributions. Babs contributed to four (a think that was the final count) Democratic presidential hopefuls prior to Kerry’s victory in several key primaries. Hey, Babs even gave an exclusive concert on behalf of the DNC!