Some Advice for Israel

Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit has been in captivity for two years after he was abducted by militants in Gaza. He recently sent a letter begging his country not to forget him and that he wanted to be home. He also indicated that his health was failing. There is no reason that this soldier should still be in captivity. His country started fighting to get him back but the UN complained about the disproportionate response. Sadly, our own country worked to get the fighting stopped. The people who took Shalit will not let him go unless they are afraid. Here is what Israel should do:

Send notification to the UN that they have one week to get the soldier released. He needs to be alive and relatively unharmed. If, at the end of the week, the UN has failed to get him released Israel will give his captors an additional 24 hours to send him home. Israel needs to make it clear to the UN and to the terrorists holding him that they plan to bomb his captors into oblivion if they fail to release him as outlined.

Israel needs to make absolutely certain that the UN and the captors as well as those harboring them know that the bombing campaign will not stop until the place is leveled and every living thing is killed. Then, if he is not released, Israel needs to make good on the threat and they need to continue bombing the place until the soldier is released or everyone is killed. It is that simple and the UN needs to understand that Israel will not bow to pressure because they gave that body its chance.

If other countries feel the need to get involved Israel needs to make clear its intent to use nuclear weapons against any country that jumps into the fray. Israel should be relentless and keep killing until they put fear in the hearts of everyone so that they will be left alone. It should also be made clear that any news organization that gets in the way will be considered the enemy and dealt with. Israel does not need more of al-Reuters passing around a baby that Israel did not kill as propaganda.

Gilad Shalit might end up dying in the attack but it is obvious that he is in poor health and that his captors do not care about him. They can, of course, avoid a massacre by releasing the soldier. After the demands are made the ball will be in the court of the UN and the captors. The deadline might seem short but they have had two years to solve this problem.

It is time to stop playing games with these terrorists and start injecting them with fear instead.


Big Dog

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  2. Kate says:

    Way too logical.

    Kates last blog post..Inspired by……