Soldiers Can Solve Detainee Problem

The more liberal members of the US Supreme Court did something extraordinary yesterday when they conferred Constitutional protection on people who are not covered under our Constitution. The Constitution of the US is a document that applies to citizens and those here legally. By saying that the detainees at Gitmo have the same Constitutional rights as others (especially for acts committed outside the US) the court has weakened our country. What next, will it be OK for them to be released and walk around the US keeping and bearing arms? Will they be allowed to vote? If we say that they are protected by the Constitution it has to mean the whole document, not just a part of it.

I don’t understand why this is an issue to begin with. Why don’t we call them Prisoners of War and call Gitmo a POW camp? We will release them when the war is over just as we have done in other wars. If some of them are suspected of crimes then we should put them on trial and be done with it. If all else fails, send them to another country and release them. I think there are a few places where they could go and be treated very badly.

Our soldiers can solve part of this problem by not taking prisoners, excuse me, detainees. Kill them in battle and there will be no problem with Gitmo and the Supreme Court. This is something that is easy to do. Refuse to allow surrender except under the most obvious conditions such as they lay down their arms and lie down with their hands behind their heads. Shooting them then would be murder. Killing them while they still look ready to fight is not.

In the event that these animals absolutely have to be captured then they should never be taken to a base where the SCOTUS would have any say. Hold them in POW camps in other countries. I am all in favor of handing them over to the Iraqi military and letting them deal with them. If the whiners think these animals have been treated badly at Gitmo they should wait and see how they are treated in other places by other countries.

We have already seen where some of these so called innocent people have been recaptured or killed on the battlefield. One can only pray that if they are released they do not make their way to the US and detonate a bomb killing untold numbers of innocent civilians.

Of course, the five justices who decided this will never have to worry about being affected. They live in relative safety and that is unfortunate (not that they are safe but that it skews their view of how others are affected).

I wonder how these people would have ruled if one of those planes had been heading for the Supreme Court building?

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3 Responses to “Soldiers Can Solve Detainee Problem”

  1. Jo says:

    I thought hubby was going to choke on his supper when he heard this last night. The threat of Gitmo has been removed from the battlefield … and the Supreme Court has turned their backs on the citizens of this country.

    Jos last blog post..We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Experience!!

  2. Dukehoopsfan says:

    I agree dog. This is another sign that the liberal apocalypse is upon us. God help us all.