Socialism Studies Teacher Loses Mind Defending Dear Leader

A North Carolina teacher who has been identified as Tanya Dixon-Neely was caught on video berating a student and trying to intimidate that student and others because they questioned her fact of the day. The fact of the day was that Mitt Romney was a bully back in high school.

Ignore for a moment the reality that calling this statement a fact is a bit of a stretch. Even if the hit piece by the Washington Post was true the incident was allegedly a prank and seems to be isolated. To say Romney was a bully based on this one incident is a bit of a stretch but let us suppose that one incident does a bully make.

This is where the teacher goes off the rails. A student had the audacity to point out that Obama was a bully in high school as well. The student asked the teacher; “Didn’t Obama bully somebody, though?” The teacher responds; “Not to my knowledge.” Then several students told her he had (Obama said so in his book). The teacher loses her mind and says that the two are not comparable.

The students argue that she needs to be fair and if she is going to trash one side for something she has to trash the other side for the same thing.

Dixon-Neely continues screaming at the children and telling them that the incidents are not the same because Obama is the president and Romney wants to be the president. The logic escapes me on this especially since the issue is about what took place before they were adults.

This supposed teacher makes several factually incorrect statements. She states that it is a criminal offense to say anything bad about a president. This is, of course, untrue. It is illegal to make threats against the president but people are free to say anything about the president that they want. It if was illegal to say bad things about a president half the population would be committing crimes during every presidency.

Dixon-Neely tells her students that no one will say anything bad about Obama in her classroom. When the student continues by telling her he will say what he wants she tells him that he will not in her classroom. The student then remarks that people talked “sh*t” about [George W] Bush (something the students admit they did as well) and the teacher tells him it was because Bush was sh*tty. She then, in a complete contradiction, claims that it is her job as a Social Studies teacher to make sure no one talks badly about any president past or present. This from the woman who just said Bush was a sh*tty president. You can also bet the house that she talks badly about Bush now and she did when he was president.

It appears to me that this teacher is not only a liberal, Obama supporter who is pushing an agenda but also has a chip on her shoulder regarding how people treat Obama. She makes the claim that Obama deserves the same respect as every other president and that people were arrested for talking bad about Bush (a claim that is incorrect) and that Obama has been treated badly and nothing happened to him. Her claim is that someone called Obama a liar during a State of the Union Address and nothing happened to the guy. It was Congressman Joe Wilson and he was punished by the House leadership for his outburst.

So it is obvious that not only is this “teacher” a partisan hack she is also uninformed. One would expect a Social Studies teacher to actually know these kinds of things but it appears as if she has been reading the DNC talking points rather than actually looking at what happened.

Her outburst and the way she talked to the students, students who were more informed than she, make it obvious that she does not believe it is her job to teach. She sees it as her job to indoctrinate.

She is a Socialism Studies teacher.

I am glad I am not a student today. I would eat this woman’s lunch.

The school indicated she will not be disciplined and her name was not released by the school. This is typical of the system where indoctrination and protecting teachers is the name of the game. Fortunately, she could not hide. This teacher does not believe in open, honest debate and she should be removed from the classroom.

The student in question had this recorded because he wanted to prove to his parents that she was pushing an agenda, something about which he had complained to them. They have now moved him to another school.

That is the shame of it. The student should have stayed and the teacher should have been removed…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Socialism Studies Teacher Loses Mind Defending Dear Leader”

  1. Barbara Orla says:

    I sure hope she enjoys live in socialism, marxism and communism! If I were those parents, there would be a lawsuit against her and the school.

  2. Blake says:

    See, this is the big problem with Teacher’s unions- they protect a source of their “wealth” (her dues) with no regard for the students and their studies. She has demonstrated she is a moron, and by blindly defending her, the union and school district have become morons by proxy, if not actual fact.