So What?

George Clooney won a Golden Globe the other night and during his prattle that passed for a speech he made a rude comment about Jack Abramoff’s name. This made Jack’s dad upset because it made Jack’s daughter very upset and it was perceived as a knock on Jack’s deceased grandfather. Jack’s dad wrote a letter (source) to George Clooney and that is understandable, after all, Jack is his son no matter what.

The Political Teen has the video at his site and a number of people have commented with very differing points of view. I personally couldn’t care less what George Clooney says or who he says it about. It is obvious from the start that he is having difficulty thinking of something to say. He has no script! Most of these Hollywood types can not speak for themselves because, as I stated, all they do is memorize the words of other people and regurgitate them in front of a camera. George indicated that it was so early he had not had a drink yet (which I find hard to believe) but perhaps that was an indication he needed the alcohol to form coherent sentences.

George Clooney repeated something that, I think was on the Daily show, reaffirming that Clooney can not form his own thoughts and relies on the words of others. I think he realized that his last movies were real stinkers and he saw this as a moment to appear cute. I think it was the wrong venue but we have seen Hollywood types make political statements from award show lecterns before. Conservative politicians talk badly about Hollywood and its culture from the stump so turn about is fair play.

Yes, Clooney could have been more sensitive to how this might affect Abramoff’s family but does anyone actually expect Hollywood liberal elitists to care about how others feel? Even if they are mostly a group of kool aid drinking moonbats they are entitled to the same free speech the rest of us expect to enjoy. In fact, remarks like this are helpful to the conservative cause. When America sees how really inane and stupid the people they idolize are then perhaps they will start taking a better look at what it is they actually want to support.

As I stated, George Clooney makes a living by saying what others tell him to say. The reason he even gets parts any more is because he is a good looking guy. I could as easily remember words and say them at the correct time and “play a part” but two things keep me from ever becoming an actor. I don’t have Clooney’s looks and I am definitely not a liberal.

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One Response to “So What?”

  1. FrauBudgie says:

    WEll, maybe he’ll figure out that the reason his movies have flopped is that folks have trouble separating out his political stand from his acting.

    If I want to hear moonbats, I can tune into Air America for free. If I spend money on a movie, I expect to be entertained.