So We Take Them Out With The First Strike

An Iranian military adviser, Dr. Abasi, indicates that if the United States attacks Iran, Iran will in turn, attack the nuclear facilities in Israel. This rhetoric is designed to whip up the peaceful Islamic fundamentalists so they can join the rioting against Israel, should Iran be attacked. It is also designed as a threat to scare America into forgetting about Iran and its nuclear weapons facilities.

This announcement by Iran just tells us one very important thing and that is, if we attack them we need to make sure we do it with so much firepower that they are ineffective and can in no way launch an attack. Tactically, the best thing we could do would be to coordinate any attack with Israel so they could be involved. The Iranians talk tough but Israel could kick the snot out of them. If Israel were on high alert they could be bombing the Iranian facilities while preparing to shoot down anything that crosses its airspace. Iran could not compete with America’s might so they would be SOL if Israel joined the fight.

Personally, I think we should ignore what Iran does. We need to tell Germany, France and the rest who are worried that they are on their own. We can keep an eye to make sure Iran does not smuggle anything in or our but we should just leave them alone. Then, if they launch a few nukes we can get the UN to handle it. According to my liberal friends,most Americans (and most people in the world) want the UN to handle Iran. So let them. Why should we bother Iran anyway? They have not used a nuke yet. Threatening to use one and developing them illegally is no reason to worry, at least that is what the moonbats and their allies around the world have been saying about our invasion of Iraq. So, we might as well just wait. Would not want to break any laws by preemptive acts.

But I think we should make a rule and that is, if Iran launches an attack and a bunch of people get hurt then anyone who asks why the US did not do something before it happened should be locked up at Club Gitmo. Anyone who asks those kinds of questions after opposing Iraq and the invasion needs to loose his freedom. It is plain and simple. People insist on the UN handling things than by damn let them handle them. Give it to them and if Iran attacks anyone let them go in there but not with one US service member. Our military does not belong to the UN so let the UN handle it and if things go south then Germany, France and the rest are on their own.

Next time we talk they might listen instead of spending time working with the UN to scam money out of programs.


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