So Trickle Down Does Work

The idea that when the people at the top make money the money trickles down has been attacked by the left for a long time. It is true that this happens as no poor man ever created jobs or had his money trickle to others. But for those who strike out and do well their prosperity trickles to the workers and those who get jobs. They get a paycheck and they can contribute to society.

I understand why liberals think it does not work. You see, they make lots of money but they keep it. They find ways to avoid taxes and they are not very generous with their own money (liberals are VERY generous with other people’s money).

Barack Obama has had his wealth increase quite substantially since he occupied the White House but that has not trickled down. While he was getting richer people were losing their jobs, having their houses and other property repossessed and have been in line for scraps at the welfare office.

But Obama is doing well.

Harry Reid has finally admitted that trickle down works. Harry and his wife sold their their house in Searchlight Nevada to a mining company for 1.7 MILLION dollars. There is no word on what the appraised value of the home is but I am willing to bet it is not nearly 2 MILLION dollars. This might be like other Reid deals where someone pays him through what looks like a legitimate transaction but is actually part of a shady process.

Reid’s financial disclose listed his most valuable asset as property he owns in Bullhead City Arizona at between 1 and 5 million. Seems to me if this is his most valuable his house is not valued between those two number though he sold it for that much.

In any event, Reid claimed that the sale of his house will create 60 jobs. I assume this means that 60 people will be hired to work at the expanded mining property but since this is Reid the 60 new hires might be the HAZMAT team required to clean the stench from the place. It might be a 60 person team searching to ensure Reid did not leave any evidence of his past payoffs.

One thing is undeniable. Reid made a lot of money and now the result of that is a trickle down to 60 people who will get jobs.

It looks like money (in this case in the form of jobs) does trickle down from a wealthy guy to the people on the lower rungs of the ladder.

Perhaps the Koch brothers, whose money trickles down to tens of thousands of people, could point this out to Harry so he can stop obsessing over them and get back to working for the money the taxpayers trickle up to him…

Harry Reid has gotten very rich as a “public servant.”

It seems to me the only people he serves (beside himself) and those who are related to him.

Reid pays off his mortgage

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
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