So They Wanted To Point Fingers

As most of you who do not live in a vacuum know, the democrats have been having a field day with Tom Delay. DeLay has been called a criminal and the donks have had a pretty good time playing the holier than thou game. The unfortunate part of this whole mess, for the democrats, is that they have had to do some cleaning in their own house. You see, the donks were guilty of taking about as many special interest trips as Delay.

The AP is reporting that 43 members and dozens of aides missed the 30 day reporting deadline and some travel goes back as far as the 90s. Seems that several of my home state representatives were all part of the game. Steny Hoyer and Elijah Cummings were part of the travel parade. It is amazing that these nitwits, and they are from both sides of the aisle, would point fingers and call names when they knew full well that they had done the same thing. How stupid do you have to be not to realize that someone would be digging?

Remember how much squawking Nancy Pelosi did with regard to DeLay? Well it seems that San Fran Nan had 11 unreported trips. I wonder if Howard Dean will say that Pelosi should go back to California to serve her jail time? I am not surprised by any of this. It seems that whenever one of these fine folks gets caught doing something wrong we get a whole bunch of them running around trying to do damage control. This is what happens when there is no oversight. Perhaps we should have a special group of auditors who are monitoring this. Oh wait, we already do. Am I the only one who wonders how this country stays on top? If these jackasses were running major corporations the companies would all be bankrupt and these idiots would be out on the street.

We need an audit each year with full disclosure to the citizens of this country. Any member caught doing wrong should be placed on a special ballot for the citizenry to vote OUT of office.

You can read the story here.

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