So They Don’t Need Nuclear Energy

I have said all along that Iran has a lot of oil and therefore does not need nuclear energy. This, to me, shows their intentions are to develop nuclear weapons. They have also stated that if there are UN sanctions then they will stop exporting oil and the price will rise dramatically. Iran happens to be the fourth largest producer of oil so in addition to being able to influence the market, they also have the ability to produce electricity much cheaper using oil than by using nuclear power.

Iran, by this latest stance, has admitted that they do not need nuclear power for electricity and has shown the world they are developing nuclear weapons. So maybe we do need sanctions, complete sanctions. I bet the rest of the world can endure higher oil prices longer than Iranians can go without food and medicine. Once they have lost the means and the will to resist we can just go in and take their oil. We might as well because no matter what happens that is why the left will say we went there. So let’s just go in and take the oil and be done with it.


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