So The Democrats Lied To America, Will Stay the Course in Iraq

You know what we have all been hearing for the past two days? It was the war dummy. It was Iraq. George Bush took us to Iraq and America is tired of it. Only the Democrats offered hope and they will bring our troops home. All through the campaign I heard worthless Democrats tell me on TV ads that they wanted to bring our troops home quickly. They needed to pull out of “George Bush’s War.” They could do it with the Murtha plan and get our troops home soon. Hillary said that she hoped that they would start “redeploying” (a donk word for cutting and running) by the end of the year and was disappointed that this might not happen.

The donks also ran moderates in red states so that they would appeal to the red state voters. This worked as voters decided to pick a moderate Democrat over a Republican who does not know how to be a Conservative. They still stayed the course with their we need to get out of Iraq mantra. Rush said the only voter fraud was Democrats pretending to be conservative but that is not the voter fraud. Iraqi officials said today that Democrats who spoke with them prior to the election promised that Americans would not be leaving Iraq any time soon.

President Jalal Talabani said Thursday that he had been assured by Democrat congressional leaders during a recent visit to Washington that they had no plans for a quick withdrawal of U.S. forces.
Talabani, a Kurd whose post is ceremonial, said Democrats also backed the idea of placing U.S. troops in bases while putting Iraqis in charge of security in and around cities.
“They all told me that they want the success of Iraq’s democratically elected government and continued support for the Iraqi people to defeat terrorism,” Talabani said about his trip to the United States in late September as many were predicting the Democratic congressional triumph in Tuesday’s midterm elections.
“One of them (a Democrat leader) told me that any early withdrawal will be a catastrophe for the United States and the world,” Talabani, speaking from his northern hometown of Sulaimaniyah, told the Dubai-based Al-Jazeera satellite broadcaster. (my emphasis) Boston Herald

Now America, do those of you who stayed home or gave a protest vote feel foolish yet? The damned Democrats were telling the Iraqis the same thing Republicans were telling you. They were told that America would not leave Iraq any time soon (what Bush has said all along) and that leaving Iraq too soon would be a disaster which is the same thing that Republicans have been saying all along. The Democrats lied to you about the war in order to be reelected. Very soon now they will be saying that we can’t come home as soon as they thought because Bush screwed everything up. You will know the truth. They had no intentions of leaving early. They only said it to get your votes. You elected them to office and they will do the very thing you rejected Republicans for.

Good job America. This is why they should require literacy tests before you can vote. The Democratic Party lied about their intentions. It does not surprise me but there are a whole lot of you that were duped into thinking the world would be full of milk and honey. Wrong answer. The problem is we allow the model ID10T people to vote.

I guess Talabani kept his mouth shut to help the Democrats into office. He probably got assurances from them before the elections in exchange for keeping his mouth shut until they had won. Now, he has come out public very quickly so they do not screw him and go back on their word. The Arab world knows how to ensure they don’t get screwed in bargains and Talabani is just keeping the Democrats (for lack of a better word) honest.

Iowa Voice | Stop the ACLU

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11 Responses to “So The Democrats Lied To America, Will Stay the Course in Iraq”

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    Those Of Us That Have Been Paying Attention Already Knew This.
    Alright Liberals, socialists, trolls, and Democrats try to spin this story from Big Dog, So The Democrats Lied To America, Will Stay the Course in Iraq. Ready start your tinfoil hats. Gooo…

  2. Jo says:

    I’m not the least bit surprised. Two faces – two mouths.

  3. Which …

    This morning, I got two verrrry interesting articles brought to my attention. First, Big Dog notices this article in the Boston Herald, which says: President Jalal Talabani said Thursday that he had been assured by Democrat congressional leaders during…

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  6. OccamsRazor says:

    Waiting for the NYT or LAT to pick up on this story.


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    Anyone else have a very bad feeling about now? That pit in your stomach that tells you that an attack on American soil is imminent? The enemy feels braver and stronger now and we did that for them. Only in America can we protest our own administratio…..

  8. Ray says:

    I heard it the other way too. Cyberray: Abandoning Iraq — A Done Deal:“>’Abandoning Irak–A Done Deal’ article by David Warren

  9. Ray says:

    Sorry, I’m new at this let me try to link that article by Warren again

  10. Ray says:

    Don’t Let the Iraqis Down This Time! Their Humanity is our Humanity Please Read this entire post, if you dare!

    And now that the Democrats won the elections, everyone is asking of their fate…the elections were more popular than Saddam’s sentencing…If the Americans pull out now and leave us amid this chaos, we are all dead. We wont even be able to get jobs elsewhere, we will be seen as the “traitors” the “collaborators”. If the Americans leave, Iraqis will eat each other, literally eat each other. If the Americans leave us now, there wont be an Iraq left on the face of the earth…it is a hopeless situation….Neurotic Iraqi Wife.