So The Democrats Are Clean?

I have posted a number of times that the Jack Abramoff scandal crosses party lines and there will be a number of politicians who are implicated. The thing is, the Democrats do not see it this way. As reported earlier, they view only money given to Republicans as dirty. Howard Dean wants us to know how clean the donks are and that we should vote them into office to get rid of the corruption. Well, a 10 year investigation into the corruption in the Clinton administration has concluded and the report will finally be released but it will have around 100 pages redacted. Why would the pages be redacted? It is because they contain information embarrassing to the Democrats and their hero Billy Clinton. As a matter of fact, the donks have been trying to have the items redacted for a long time and threatened to never allow the report to be released without the redactions. So you have to ask, if the donks are so clean and are not corrupt, what do they have to hide?

Democrats in the House and Senate have been fighting for months to block the release of the report and keep the 100 pages of highly damaging redacted material from ever seeing the light of day.

Yeah, those are the actions of people who are ethical and have nothing to hide.


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