So Oppressed They Attend College

Pomona College states that it believes in diversity and is against discrimination but in the past it has hosted events white students were not allowed to attend.

This year the arriving student population was greeted with posters hung in dorm hallways explaining how all white people are racist, how they can’t understand racism like people of color (POC), how they must make amends by not using racist code words or speaking about racism and they must acknowledge they are racist, have white privilege and should apologize for it.

How is that for a diverse and unbiased standpoint?

I am glad I do not attend the brainwash factories that pass themselves off as “higher” education. I would not last long if I were subjected to this kind of nonsense.

Yes, it would not take me long to tell the people responsible to take an aeronautical intercourse at a revolving pastry.

This is the kind of nonsense that divides people and causes hostile environments and it is nothing more than an attempt to stifle white people and scare them into keeping silent.

I guess white lives don’t matter at Pomona.

I guess I get the point. There is so much white privilege that all the affirmative action slots are taken by the white kids. Oh wait, those only exist for the POC…

I imagine it is tough to overcome all that white privilege that is so pervasive the white kids are second tier on grants, loans and slots in the school. Yep, I can see how it all adds up.

In reality I see a bunch of people making excuses for the failure of the liberal policies that have fostered so many single parent homes in the black community. I see the culmination of liberal policies that have turned cities into battlefields where education is frowned upon and not needed when a kid can run drugs and make money. They don’t live too long but they earned while they were alive and passed on that generational welfare mindset that enslaves generation after generation of POC to the liberal plantation.

Put your silly posters up if you must.

My hope is that the non POC will call them out on this and confront the racist attack.

Then again, I would not be surprised if the white kids just kept quiet and did as they were told.

We have, after all, raised a generation of pussies who can’t stand up for themselves and what is right.

Keep in mind if these POC were truly oppressed they would not be in college.

But nothing says stop the oppression (phony as it is) more than oppressing another group of people.

Source: Claremont Independent

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “So Oppressed They Attend College”

  1. Blake says:

    I find it so pitiful that these kids,(and they are still children mentally) do not know REAL history, or they would be thanking God for the fact that they live here in this country, protected by the very rights that they seek to abolish. They do not know of the record of Democrat enslavement of people of color(especially in the north)- but it was Lester Maddox (a democrat), George Wallace (a democrat), and many others who denied POC’s their rights.
    Do you know of the ORIGIN of the Civil Rights Act?
    It was not LBJ who had that idea, but Dwight D. Eisenhower (a Republican) who was trying to pass that, in 1958- he got the act passed in the House of Representatives, but it failed in the Senate because of the Senate Majority leader, who was none other than LBJ.
    How’s that for politics? LBJ saved that little tidbit for himself, so HE could get the credit for that.
    Just like a lyin’, cheatin’, thievin’,low morals democrat to do something like that.
    Chew on that real bit of history, all you righteous, self-absorbed pieces of ignorant fewmets.
    And if you do not know that last word, look it up in A real DICTIONARY, NOT GOOGLE. That would only reinforce your ignorance.