So Obama Did Lie, Shocker

You can’t see it but I have my shocked face on display. It is not like saying Obama lied is some startling revelation since he lies constantly. I don’t need to go through the list so I will just cite one; if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.

When Obama was selling us the snake oil known as Obamacare he and the Democrats who supported it (all of them) told us it would bend the cost curve down and that it would be wonderful. We knew it was a pack of lies (they need to control health care in order to carry out rules for radicals rule #1) but now that it has been in effect for a few years the truth and what we believed all along are on full display.

Obamacare costs too much money, it makes health insurance unaffordable for many people, it adds to the nation’s debt and the individual’s tax burden and it is being dropped by many insurance companies that once supported it (for big money, no doubt).

Lost in all the Obamacare lies is the whopper he told about illegal aliens not being able to get Obamacare coverage. Joe Wilson, a Congressman, once famously shouted “you lie” when Obama said illegal aliens would not be covered. Wilson held the view that bill would provide government subsidies to illegals. He had to apologize for his breech of decorum but apologizing for saying it does not mean he was incorrect in his assessment.

In fact he has been proven right to the tune of $750 MILLION. A Senate report shows that the federal government provided 750 million dollars in subsidies to illegal aliens. These are people known to be here illegally or who failed to provide the required documentation to show they were here legally.

In true government fashion, rather than wait for proof to provide coverage the government provided the money and now wants it back.

Yes, the law technically does not allow illegals to receive this handout (and all subsidies are handouts, period) but that did not stop illegals from getting the money. This was all by design. You see, now that the money was dispensed the government will have one hell of a time getting any of it back. This was certainly by design. Obama needed millions to sign up for his disaster of a law and blindly giving away money got people signed up. The government does not care that 750 MILLION dollars went into the garbage bin as long as illegals were covered and the numbers looked better (they never looked good).

Yes, the law prohibited illegals from getting subsidies but it did not verify status and it did not stop them from buying their own coverage on the exchanges.

All by design.

Wilson was right and we are out 750 MILLION dollars.

Obamacare has been a failure and a disaster. So it was a success for Obama. He needed it to be to push for more government control (rules for radicals). Remember that when you go to the polls this November. Hillary and Bernie supported Obamacare and Bernie wants to give you even more costly socialized medicine. When you get your penalty notice (the Supreme Court calls it a tax and the IRS calls it a shared responsibility but the law calls it a penalty) and have to pay the IRS or your change (it is not a refund it is the change due you from your remittance) is lower than it should have been you can blame Obama and his Democrats and know that Clinton and Sanders mean more of the same.

America needs to be free again and it can only do so if we remove the shackles the government has placed upon us.

That starts by rejecting the task masters on the left (and that includes the tyrants in the House and Senate).

We need to replace as many of them as we can while we still have a republic (no, not a Democracy).

God Bless America.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “So Obama Did Lie, Shocker”

  1. cmblake6 says:

    Ovomit? Lie? Seriously? Gosh!

  2. Blake says:

    Obammy lied? I am shocked, truly shocked that he would lie (sarcasm alert)- about anything that would give the tyrants more power over the people.
    But you know, it is the DUTY of every citizen to not obey unjust laws, for they are not laws at all.