So Much For Obama’s Euro-Bump

When Obambi was on his Barack Star tour of the Middle East and Europe he was well received by adoring mobs of people. This was a big moment for the Messiah as he looked at those people and realized that he was the answer to their prayers. His handlers were doing their best to ensure that the Messiah looked presidential and appeared as if he had vast foreign policy experience so much so that Obama acted like he was the president (except when he dissed the wounded warriors for political reasons). Certainly this trip was going to help his image and he would open a wide margin over John McCain, the fossilized dinosaur of yesteryear.

That bump in the polls came when Barry O returned from his “fact finding mission” (in which he stated he did not learn any more than he already knew) when he took a 9 point lead over McCain. This was the beginning of the end. The problem is, Barry has no staying power. Also, that was a national poll of registered voters. The poll of likely voters gave McCain a 4 point edge.

Yesterday’s Gallup poll shows the two are now in a dead heat with the Messiah at 45% and John McCain at 44%. That bump Obambi got from his “Look at me, ain’t I something” tour disappeared quicker than John Edwards from a late night tryst. Obama seems to have a little trouble holding onto and expanding a lead.

Of course, that is because of all the overt racism in America. People could not possibly oppose him because of his policies so it must be that they are racists. He has a funny name and he looks different so people won’t vote for him.

In this year where it looks like Democrats are going to achieve huge gains in Congress, in a year where all the cards (even the race one) are in their favor, the Messiah is having trouble. By all rights he should have a huge lead over McCain and yet he is tied. Every time he gets a lead it does not last.

It looks like the sainted one needs some Liagra to help keep keep his deception up.

It will be a long three months watching this tragedy unfold.

Big Dog

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4 Responses to “So Much For Obama’s Euro-Bump”

  1. Hillman says:

    Big Dog – I love that word “Liagra.” May I use it?

  2. Big Dog says:

    Sure, I am not sure but I think I heard it elsewhere. I can’t claim to have invented it, just to have put it to good use….

  3. Reason says:

    You really think the Democrats are poised to make huge gains in Congress? I think due to their refusal to drill are poised for HUGE losses, at least if the majority of American voters aren’t complete morons…granted that’s a big if. Really that would be the only thing that can save our butts if BO gets elected.

  4. Bunny Colvin says:

    ” I think due to their refusal to drill are poised for HUGE losses, at least if the majority of American voters aren’t complete morons…granted that’s a big if.”

    Your whole drilling scenario is pure fantasy. Yeah, domestic drilling is going to really make a difference. It wouldn’t even equate to a drop in the proverbial bucket. You’re clueless.

    And American voters have proven their ability to be “complete morons”. See PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF 2004