So Much for Democratic Fiscal Responsibility

Citizens Against Government Waste is putting the finishing touches on its pork report for the year and what they will report is not pretty. There were 8000 earmarks totaling 20 billion dollars. That is 20 billion dollars in taxpayer money that was flushed down the drain by the Democratic Congress, the ones who promised to put an end to waste and be a more efficient government. The truth is they could not keep their money grubbing hands out of our pockets and they could not exercise any control. For those who say the government should tax the hell out of us to provide unconstitutional social programs, here is 20 billion dollars that could have provided services without raising taxes.

Of course, I do not believe in universal health care or other government run and government provided services but if I did I would be asking how we can afford this kind of waste and not the items that Democrats think are important. The Republican led Congress (and President Bush for that matter) was no better but they lost last year so this is on the new majority. The Democrats campaigned on their ability to fix these kinds of things and now it is glaringly obvious that they are unable. They lack control and they lack responsibility.

Democrats like to say we need to end the war because that is why they were elected. They campaigned on ending the war along with the promise to be responsible with our money so that means if ending the war was a mandate, so was being fiscally responsible. They have failed miserably on both counts.

I do not think the election was a mandate on the war but this is what they think. So they are not free to cherry pick what they were elected to do. They promised to be responsible with our money and they have not been. This is another reason we need the line item veto and it is a very good example of why we should never trust Democrats.

There should be no doubt that they are truly the tax and spend party.

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9 Responses to “So Much for Democratic Fiscal Responsibility”

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