So Leave Cindy


Anti war activist Cindy Sheehan, who is responsible for the death of her son (who was killed in Iraq), stated that she would rather live in Venezuela under Hugo Chavez (I hope she meant figuratively) than in the US with George Bush as President. Once again, a liberal is all talk and no action. Cindy, go to Venezuela. There is nothing stopping you. You gave up all your children in divorces and one you were responsible for was killed in war because of you, so there are no ties.

I am sure that with all the money spent flying you around the country for the anti-war tour, you can come up with enough money to get to Venezuela. If you ask I would bet there are enough people in this country who would chip in for the ONE-WAY ticket, provided you promised to never come back. Maybe if you get lucky Chavez will do something you do not like and you can protest him. You would look good in a Venezuelan prison.

Source: MSNBC

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