So Israel, Deal or No-Deal?

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It looks like the Hamas led government of the Palestinian people is playing a dangerous game of Deal or No-Deal except instead of Howie and the banker, they are banking on Israel flinching. So far, Israel has not flinched and has continued to raise the stakes. The Palestinians kidnapped an Israeli soldier a few days ago and made ransom demands of Israel. Israel promptly responded by mustering its military into the Gaza and then bombing the power station and the bridges.

The world has asked Israel to exercise restraint and, of course, the Arab world is up in arms at the aggressive acts of the Israelis, forgetting that it was a Palestinian act of aggression that started the mess. The exchange over this issue has gone something like this:

Palestine: We have your soldier. If you want him, release prisoners. Deal or No Deal?

Israel: No Deal! Now that we have bombed your electric station and bridges we are readying for an attack. Give the soldier back and we will stand down.

Palestine: We reject this idea you Zionist pigs. The Arab world condemns you. We have killed an innocent settler and will only release this soldier when our demands are met. Deal or No Deal?

Israel: No Deal! We have captured half of the government there and will not give them back until we get our soldier.

Palestine: You have committed an act of aggression. How dare you take our people? This is an act of war. Release our people and you can have your soldier. Deal or No Deal?

Israel: No Deal! If you do not release the soldier we will assassinate your Prime Minister. Keep screwing with us and we will take the land back and make your people a recent memory.

And so it goes. The Israelis know how to deal with terrorists. They do not negotiate. They were the first country to arm pilots and they have not had an aircraft hijacked since that time. When terrorists do stupid things, they bust a cap in their ass. I think that the heavy hand with which Israel deals with terrorists is the most effective way and if the US, particularly Bill Clinton, had dealt with terrorism in this fashion then we would not have had a 9/11.

If the Palestinians do not release that soldier there will not be much left of their little world. I think most Arab nations are unwilling to help them because they know Israel does not play games and it is a US ally. Selah.

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One Response to “So Israel, Deal or No-Deal?”

  1. Wild Thing says:

    Great post, I sure hope Israel does not flinch. Deal or no deal…I say No deal.