So Bush’s Tax Cuts Were For The Middle Class

I knew this all along but now Barack Obama has confirmed it. The Senate passed his version of the tax cut extension and that version stripped out the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. The so called millionaires who make more than $250,000. Barack Obama said that he wants the House to pass this as it keeps tax cuts in place for 98% of the people.

So let’s work this out. The tax cuts Obama wants to keep in place are for the middle class. Doing what Obama wants will keep tax cuts in place for 98% of the people, therefore Bush’s tax cuts were for the middle class (or 98% of Bush’s tax cuts were for the middle class).

You see, for ten years or so the Democrats have been screaming that Bush’s tax cuts were for the rich. They denied that the middle class benefited from the cuts and they always portrayed it as if the lion’s share went to the wealthy folks. Obama has now confirmed that 98% of the cuts that George W Bush enacted went to the middle class and only 2% went to the wealthy. So Bush’s tax cuts were not tax cuts for the rich.

I know it is hard to believe given how every Democrat was bleating something different for the last decade but now they are confronted with the issue and have to actually tell the truth. They cannot end the taxes or it will hurt the middle class and that would spell disaster in November. So they had to come clean with their story and had to admit that they lied and deliberately misled people for a decade in order to gain political favor.

Joe Biden did not yet get the memo because he is still talking about how Republicans and George Bush gave rich people tax cuts. His booze addled brain cannot comprehend that his boss is saying the exact opposite.

The tax cuts should be made permanent for everyone. In fact, they should be cut even more to stimulate growth. The Bush tax cuts did not cost the government money (government has no money) because more money flowed into the Treasury after the cuts. The problem is that Congress has no control and it spent the increased money and then some. They did that when Reagan cut taxes and the Treasury got more money. Then they blamed the tax cuts on the deficit. They cannot control themselves and that is why we have money troubles.

Government does things that cause problems and then screams about the problems and the need for more government intervention to fix those problems. This is insanity and yet they do it all the time.

The next time some liberal moron tells you that Bush cut taxes for the rich make sure to point out that their messiah Barry said otherwise.

Then have them look at the government’s own numbers.

Nah, forget that. Liberals do not like the truth because it makes them apoplectic.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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