Snitch This!

Come on, all you liberals out there, you know you want to do it- you are spineless, and can’t stand the fact that your spineless leader is being questioned at every turn, because every turn is a new foray into socialist collective behavior and group- think.
Your Clown- in Chief wants to “Fundamentally Change America”- his own words, repeated ad nauseum during the campaign, and I have to admit, although those words gave me a chill when I heard them, even I had no idea how much he hated America as it was, nor just how much he wanted to change our country.

Now we can begin to see the outlines of his agenda, and it is anti- American, plain and simple. That is just a fact. There is nothing that he has either done, is doing, or plans to do that is compatible with anything Americans need to have done.

The stimulus was and is a failure- it has brought no jobs, and only stimulated the egos and jobs of those over at Treasury, cash for clunkers did nothing more than help put even more people in debt at a time when we need to be digging ourselves out of debt.

Cap and Trade is a shell game that benefits no consumer, and has some truly scary provisions in it that are punitive. Since “Climate Change” is a far from settled subject, we should not, at this time, be doing as much as this bill decrees, nor the way it goes about it.

More than 60 prominent German scientists have publicly declared their dissent from man-made global warming fears in an Open Letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The more than 60 signers of the letter include several United Nations IPCC scientists.

The scientists declared that global warming has become a “pseudo religion” and they noted that rising CO2 has “had no measurable effect” on temperatures. The German scientists, also wrote that the “UN IPCC has lost its scientific credibility.”

This latest development comes on the heels of a series of inconvenient developments for the promoters of man-made global warming fears, including new peer-reviewed studiesreal world data, a growing chorus of scientists dissenting (includingmore UN IPCC scientists), open revolts in scientific societies and the Earth’s failure to warm. In addition, public opinion continues to turn against climate fear promotion.

The July 26, 2009 German scientist letter urged Chancellor Merkel to “strongly reconsider” her position on global warming and requested a “convening of an impartial panel” that is “free of ideology” to counter the UN IPCC and review the latest climate science developments.

The scientists, from many disciplines, including physicists, meteorology, chemistry, and geology, explain that “humans have had no measurable effect on global warming through CO2 emissions. Instead the temperature fluctuations have been within normal ranges and are due to natural cycles.”

“More importantly, there’s a growing body of evidence showing anthropogenic CO2 plays no measurable role,” the scientists wrote. “Indeed CO2’s capability to absorb radiation is almost exhausted by today’s atmospheric concentrations. If CO2 did indeed have an effect and all fossil fuels were burned, then additional warming over the long term would in fact remain limited to only a few tenths of a degree,” they added.

“The IPCC had to have been aware of this fact, but completely ignored it during its studies of 160 years of temperature measurements and 150 years of determined CO2 levels. As a result the IPCC has lost its scientific credibility,” the scientists wrote.

“Indeed the atmosphere has not warmed since 1998 – more than 10 years, and the global temperature has even dropped significantly since 2003. Not one of the many extremely expensive climate models predicted this. According to the IPCC, it was supposed to have gotten steadily warmer, but just the opposite has occurred,” the scientists wrote.

And now we come to the Healthcare, or Obamacare- whatever you choose to call this ill- conceived, socialistic, “soylent green” type of care that makes a mockery of our medical system. You lawmakers will not even read the bills- that is an incredibly irresponsible thing to do, or not do , in this case. Reading the bills is your job. 

If you won’t read the bill, get off of the Hill. You have no business being there, because you are not representing your constituents, if indeed you ever were.

So here’s the deal, all you Liberal Socialist weak- minded people. If you feel like snitching on me, know this- I have already told them at the “Snitch Czar’s” office who I am, and my objections to them , so it would be redundant to turn me in again, but feel free- I will continue to exercise my first amendment rights as long as we continue to have a first amendment (which might not be long, the way this is going).

In the meantime, perhaps I will see you at the town hall meetings, if you libtards have the guts to show up, and not cancel, as so many of your  “courageous leaders”  have done so far. Being afraid to answer the tough questions is definitely not “Profiles in Courage”.

But then it has been awhile since your side has had anyone with courage.

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28 Responses to “Snitch This!”

  1. Aresay says:

    Comrade you are the eyes and ears of the revolution. Report your neighbor now. If you don’t have a computer there is a hot line setup at 1-800-USA-4KGB

    • Big Dog says:

      Guys like Adam want that. They ignore things until the crap hits the fan and then blame a Republican. This is Obamadinejad’s economy, jobless rate, and mess. It all belongs to him.

      End of story.

      BTW Adam, did meathead’s site go down or something or did you get tired of being his pivot man?

  2. Adam says:

    Yeah sure, there are people waiting to snitch you out for parroting the lies straight out of the right wing echo chamber. Keep dreamin’, pal.

    I love this rebirth of massive right wing paranoia and idiocy. It’s like the X-files yet just sad and pathetic and not even near as entertaining…

    • Big Dog says:

      Blah blah Adam. You and your lib buddies need new lines. Right wing echo chamber, paranoia. Sure, whatever you say.

      I do remember you and your ilk coming unglued at Bush and he was nowhere near as bad as this guy.

      Oh, I forgot. You like having the gubmint change your diaper. You think that people’s money should be taken away and redistributed. You find no problems with the failed stimulus, the cap and tax that will ruin us and the health care scheme that will enslave us to gubmint. That is how you mouth breathers like it.

      Sorry pal, but you morons on the left were vile and unrelenting. Now that you have contril you think that we should all shake hands and sing songs.

      Screw that and crew the liberals who fabricated stories to discredit Bush but ignore the things Obamadinejad is doing.

      Blind morons.

      And yes, the White House wants people to snitch. I have found a bunch of fishy stuff. It came from the Democrats and their messiah. Should I report them?

  3. Adam says:

    Right, I forgot your excuse for parroting the paranoid delusions of Right Wing morons like Rush Windbagh and Cry Baby Beck: The lib’ruls did it first. Never mind that you spent the last 8 years bemoaning such delusional claptrap which you so easily embrace now that you’re a member of the dead elephant party. But I forgot…IOKIYAR.

    Mouth breathers? Ha. No, Meatbrain’s site is fine. I just thought I’d stop by again and see if you’d become any more deranged and paranoid. Check and check. As for your question about the pivot man I’m going to just leave that one alone. I prefer not to disturb that little homoerotic fantasy you got running through your head.

    • Big Dog says:

      First of all, I am not paranoid and have no delusions so your claim that I am acting like the people I bemoaned is wrong. I am not deranged like you whack jobs. Funny you should use that acronym when the Dems excuse their own bad behaviors but attack Republicans for. It is really strange that Obama is doing a lot of what Bush did and he is doing many things you guys cried about but you give him a pass. You cried about deficit but Obamadinejad has racked up one more than all the other presidents combined and you are silent. Your party allowed the economy to collapse with its affirmative action plans to get poor people in houses. You ignore that and blame Republicans when the collapse happened while Democrats were in control fo the government.

      You guys are pathetic.

      And no, I don’t have a homoerotic fantasy, ask your wife.

      • Adam says:

        “And no, I don’t have a homoerotic fantasy, ask your wife.”

        Folks, witness Big Dog at his most mature. He brings up homoeroticism out of the blue and when I question him on it he makes a schoolyard jest at my wife. The Republican Party is in good hands with dirt bags like this in it’s ranks.

        • Big Dog says:

          I don’t think that insinuating that you and meathead engage in mutually satisfying events is homoerotic. A dirt bag. You only wish you had the record in life that this dirt bag has. When you ever get close, not that it is likely to happen, then you might be in a position to explain how a person who has accomplished more than you in life and has given more than you to his country and his community is a dirt bag. But if I, with my life experiences, am a dirt bag what are you? Something lower than a dirt bag. Maybe you are what is leftover in a used condom…Yeah, that would be lower than a dirt bag. I forgive you Adam, you can’t help your low self esteem. It must be tough knowing that if you walked into a wall in an excited state you would break your nose.

          Why shouldn’t you ask your wife? She is obviously the smarter of the two of you though I question her judgment for marrying you.

          I guess you feel the Democratic party is in good hands with guys like Ayers and Wright in its ranks.

        • Adam says:

          Oh right, I forgot. Big bad military man gets a free pass for making immature little school yard quips about my wife. You’re more of a dirt bag than I originally guessed. I can’t imagine why I hardly ever read this site any more…

        • Adam says:

          It’s fun though reading your verbal diarrhea, so keep it coming. You’ve got absolutely nothing to argue on so you resort to hilariously immature trash talk and homoerotic fantasy and then have the lack of class to bring up my wife? Stay classy, dirt bag.

        • Blake says:

          You are right Adam- there is NOTHING remotely funny about your wife- just look at who she married.
          As far as Homoerotic anything, I believe you brought this subject up first- is there something your wife should know? Or does she already?

        • Adam says:

          Blake show’s his awesome lack of reading skills. It’s no wonder he’s so paranoid and delusional about the state of this country. He can’t even read past a 3rd grade level.

        • Blake says:

          Are you talking about Dog calling you meat’s pivot man?
          Whats the matter? Truth hurt?
          As far as “Homoerotic” was concerned, you DID bring that up first, so, not bad for a third grade level.
          Why did you return, anyway? You lower the level of discourse wherever you go.

        • Blake says:

          Adam, John Holdren Wants You to quit breeding- he says that the feebleminded should be sterilized, so we’re gonna have to do this- its not that we want to, you understand, it’s just that you don’t reach the threshold of intelligence necessary to breed. Oh- there might have to be some retro- active abortions here also- you don’t mind do you- I mean, good little liberal that you are, you’ll take one for the team, right?

    • Big Dog says:

      I wonder how badly you will cry when the dead elephant party wins a bunch of seats in 2010.

      I would rather be a member of the dead elephant party than the party of jackasses.

      • Adam says:

        The Republican Party probably won’t gain as many seats as you pretend they will though it is hard to lose many more seats than your side of the isle already has lost.

        Still, don’t act like the public has somehow learned to ignore the awesome lack of leadership your people are displaying even now.

        I still don’t care either way though. I don’t like 1 party control and you know this. I don’t even like 2 party control but that debate is way past the maturity level you’re displaying here tonight.

        • victoria says:

          You don’t like 1 party control?–well it is pretty much what we have right now. We have the far left wingnuts–Democrats and the light left wingnuts–Republicans. In case you haven’t noticed. True (emphazing true) constitution believing conservatives have no party right now aside from independants and libertarians. And that my friend is why the tea parties are happening.

        • Blake says:

          Adam, I thought you were a liberal zombie, and forgot how to type. Don’t worry- I do not believe you are capable of ANY erotic fantasy, so we can get past that- you and the other libbies have substituted snitching for any other fantasy. But never fear- I have turned myself in- this is hilarious, like dems have the stones to even approach a real conservative, much less prosecute one for free speech? Never happen.

        • Blake says:

          You know you are in a losing situation when you are part of a party that actually believes Al Franken should be taken seriously- I mean, come on- even you can’t be THAT delusional, can you?
          Conservatives will gain ground, because your party is losing credibility faster than Hussein can say ” We will FUNDAMENTALLY change America.”
          We don’t like the implications, and now that we can see the socialist pap for what it truly is, we like it even less.

        • Adam says:

          It’s like Big Dog saying inflation will go up. Yeah, unless you expect it to keep going negative. The GOP has nowhere else to go but up. The sheer incompetency and complacency of the Republican party for the last few election cycles has left us in this state where one party runs everything and the Democrats in office don’t have to apologize for that. If you think there will be some great shift in congress you’re kidding yourself but I’m sure the GOP can make a little comeback this time and build on that later.

          • Big Dog says:

            Big Dog said inflation will rise next year and it will. Listen to any economist and look at history and you will see that it has always been the case. Going negative is a bad thing and it will go up. It will be high and maybe double digits next year. Just wait and see little fellow.

            Get it straight, the Democrats were in charge of Congress for the last 2 years of the Bush admin and that is when it all went downhill. You guys caused the problem. Frank and his twinkie brigade caused this.

            Keep it up Adam. You have shown little knowledge and you will continue to make this so.

        • Blake says:

          I don’t know about the GOP, but there will be a LOT fewer little crying spineless liberals after 2010- your party overreaches, as it did with the socialist Carter, and it is doing it again.

  4. Adam says:

    I lower the discourse? You crack me up. There would have to be discourse here instead of you and Big Dog simply parroting a bunch of garbage you see and hear from other sources.

    I come and go from this blog and always have. Sometimes I feel like wasting more time than usual and other times I get tired of it all. This time I just grew tired of watching you be such a complete moron and yet feel no shame whatsoever. That’s pretty sad. You’ve turned a blog where folks could argue politics into a blog where you just vomit out utterly illogical rubbish and then hit submit.

    Maybe our definitions of homoerotic differ but when Big Dog fantasizes about me being the pivot man in a circle jerk with Meatbrain then I’d say that pretty much meets my definition. How about yours?

    • Adam says:

      Oh, I get it. Discourse:

      “Waaa! Democrats control everything and they’re setting policy! Poo! Waaa! SOCIALISM! NAZIS! I’m being watched! Waaaa! Somebody might snitch on me! Waaaa!”

      • Blake says:

        Yes, your discourse is about that level- glad you recognize it, now DO something about that.
        The first step is recognizing that you do have a problem.
        Let us pray for our brother Adam, that he rise and sin no more.

    • Blake says:

      Actually, I only read where Dog stated a possible fact- he did not dwell on it, that seems to be your purview. Also, you seem to be the one doing most of the insulting.
      I give you my opinion, you say its garbage, and call me a moron.
      This is still a blog where we can argue politics- I try to do this, but you want to engage in personal attacks.
      And you call ME the moron here?
      Look in the mirror.

  5. Big Dog says:

    Adam, your first mistake was assuming my comment was part of a fantasy.

    It was an insult about how you and meathead pleasure each other with mental masturbation.

    You took it to the low.