Sneaky Jackasses Should Be Shot

I received this email from a person who wants me to join in a Conservative effort:

Michael Stakias wrote:
Big Dog,

My name is Mike Stakias from Senate Majority Leader Frist’s Political Action Committee, Volpac. We are in the process of developing some campigns[sic], in which we would be interested in working with you and some other bloggers. (The campaigns will be similar to our iFrist Volunteer campaigns at Please let me know if you would be interested in working with us to promote the Republican agenda this fall. Also if you could send me an email address that you can be reached at, that would be helpful. Thanks for your help.



There is actually a volpac that involves Frist but I can not find this guy anywhere in it. I looked up the IP and it belongs to the American Council Of Life Insurers. It would appear this guy was trying to get an email from me. He must think I am stupid since he already had a way to contact me. The contact form, Mike, is helpful to me. It prevents jackasses from harvesting my email. Of course if this turns out to be legit later I will write a retraction. I did however, find a lot of guys by this name when I searched for it and life insurance together…..

I sent an email to this organization asking them to confirm the identity and no one wrote back. FWIW.

UPDATE: This was updated here.

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