Silence Often Reveals Media Slant

Last night, Big Dog adroitly provided us with a prime example of the Main Stream Media’s (MSM’s) liberal slant. Although liberals vehemently deny the charge, it’s clear to every person with normal reasoning skills that the majority of our media and entertainment outlets embrace the left. Let me provide you with an even more sinister manifestation of media bias.

Late last week, that bias was revealed in what the news media did not cover. Freelance photographer Michael Yon shot what could very well be an award-winning picture of a U.S. soldier cradling a dying Iraqi girl. In the heart-wrenching photo, Major Mark Bieger rushed the injured young girl to the U.S. Army hospital in an attempt to save her life. He occasionally stopped to comfort her and hug her. The picture displays one such stop. Sadly, his valiant effort — and that of his men — ended in failure. Various news outlets ran the picture, although little information was provided at the time.

Now if this young girl had been injured by errant fire from U.S. troops or some civilian casualty related to our military actions, you can bet the picture would have played on all the major news outlets for weeks. There would have been public outcry from the liberal left and all the anti-war contingencies. It would have become a centerpiece of the "we told you this war was a bad idea" platform.

The silence is deafening. Why? Because this little girl was killed by terrorist whom intentionally drove their car bomb into a group of children playing in the street. Perhaps Allah was in need of some additional virgins to reward these fearless jihadists. After all, the virgin ranks must be thinning considerably. (My sincere apologies to all true followers of Islam unfettered by the hatred of the jihadists. The sarcasm was not meant for you.)

After the picture initially aired last week, the story virtually disappeared. Few news outlets followed up and described the horrible truth. It seems any story that reveals the humanity and compassion of our men and women in arms or that reveals the truth of our actions in Iraq conveniently gets swept under the rug. We are fighting a war against terrorism and an out-of-control religious fanaticism. Unfortunately for the Iraqi people, the terrorists decided to draw the line in the Iraqi sand. The USA didn’t make that choice; the al-Qaeda network did.

The terrorist had target the Stryker Brigade’s convoy, of which Bieger was leading. According to members of the Stryker Brigade, the terrorist could have waited until they moved forward one more block and avoided the children and other civilians entirely. Tactically, it wouldn’t have made a difference; and, civilian casualties could have been avoided. There is no question that the terrorists wanted dead children and civilians. The only question here is why does the MSM seems to shelter the true face of these "insurgents?"

Yes, even their terminology reveals the bias. Provided below are dictionary definitions of the pertinent terms. Decide for yourself which term most accurately describes the above story and the reality of the Iraqi people and our troops.

1. Rising in revolt against established authority, especially a government.
2. Rebelling against the leadership of a political party.
1. One who is insurgent.

1. a radical who employs terror as a political weapon.
1. characteristic of someone who employs terror (especially as a political weapon)

Read the true story behind the picture at Fox News Channel, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and The News Tribune

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