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Stacey Kelley from Tampa Florida is having a bit of a problem with her “Support Our Troops” sign. She is not allowed, per the rules of her homeowner’s association, to display the sign. Stacey is upset because she was ordered to take it down or face a $100 per day fine. The sign was given to her by her husband before he left for duty in Iraq. Homeowner association president Daryl Manning understands the significance of the sign because as a reservist he has spent time in the Gulf. However, as president of the association he is bound by the rules. He is correct when he says that if they allow Stacey’s sign, they have to allow other signs, possibly anti-war signs, as well.

Stacey’s husband David told her on the phone that no matter what they had to pay, he wanted the sign left up. I don’t know what they pay privates in the Army these days but i am sure it is not enough to afford a $100 per day fine. Besides, the Army is about following rules and the home owner’s association has a rule that says the only signs allowed are “For Sale” or “For Rent.” Private Kelley needs to follow the rules and take the sign down.

However, if they want to display it, then they need to be creative. There is no rule against displaying the sign in the window of the house. They could attach it to a flag pole and call it a flag. Stacey could hang it on the house and call it a decoration. If they did not allow it then seasonal decorations would also have to go. Stacey could also attach a little sign that reads “This House Will Be For Sale One Day” and then it will be a “For Sale” sign allowed under the current rules. There are a number of creative ways to display the item but people should keep in mind that this will also apply to anyone else who wants to erect a sign that might not be as acceptable as this one. Her best bet would be to display it in the front window of the house (from the inside).

I personally do not like home owner’s associations because I hate the idea of someone telling me what I can do with the property I am paying for but since there are few ways to avoid them people have to follow the rules or use the system that is in place to change them. This is unfortunate but there are rules and the association is only following them. The young private and his wife should display discipline and do the same.

Source: The Tampa Tribune

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