Sick Perverts

I was made aware of a disgusting web site by Jay at Stop the ACLU. This site, on blogger, is about adult child relationships and discusses sexual relationships with children, especially man/boy, in terms of a natural occurrence that has been happening since ancient Greece. Well I have news for these sick people, ancient Greece did not survive for a reason and one of those is the perverted behavior espoused by pedophiles like those who write at the site.

I encourage everyone who is sickened by this kind of behavior to go read the site and then go to the top of the page and click the [flag] button to mark it as objectionable. You need to read what is written there so you can see what kind of sick, twisted people walk on this Earth.

I have a son who is an adult and he would knock the hell out of anyone who tried this sick stuff but I can honestly say that if any one of these perverts ever tried any of this man/boy love crap with my grandson I would show them forms of justice that would have made the ancient Greeks they are so fond of sick to their stomachs.

Big Dog

The site is located here

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3 Responses to “Sick Perverts”

  1. N. Mallory says:

    I’m not even going to look. It’ll just upset me and I’m already upset today.

    However, I do recall studying that in Ancient Greece, women were thought to be possessions merely for producing children and that true love was meant to be between men. Mind you I went to a private fundie Christian school and though my Western Civ teacher was fairly cultured (and I suspect bi), he felt that such practice led to the fall of ancient civilization.

    He also got into an argument with my mother because he believed that ancient writings prove that AIDS was present back then. It resulted in them both calling each other morons. ;)

  2. Freedom says:

    Despising the subject of a Blog and telling the authors so, is one thing. Afterall, that is the risk of Blogging and sharing your views. Demanding that a Blog be “removed” because a majority find the thoughts of a minority “Morally Wrong” is something else entirely. Looking at this whole scenario since it started, all I see is a mass ideology of like minded people who have been manipulated by a Christian fundamentalist spouting baseless accusations, to join her campaign and get a Blog shut down. Going out of her way to abuse the genuine concern of parents for their children, to further her agenda of hate against Homosexuals (now spreading out to Boylovers) with baseless accusations against the Bloggers of promoting “Rape”, “Molestation” and giving them the label “Predator”. Anyone who stops and reads the Blog, will see something quite different. But no, people are just turning up at the Blog armed to the teeth with rage, assuming that what they have been told about the Blog’s theme, are correct. Not one person (so far) has been able to provide me with a shred of evidence that these people are criminals and guilty of any of the sick accusations thrown at them by this woman and her campaign. Every person I ask, ignores this central issue and carrys on rounding up more troops to get the Blog closed. A classic case of hysterical mob mentality and intolerance. By all means petition Blogger to put a warning notice up on the front of the Blog. But the second someone tries to get a Blog shut down because they find the views expressed in them “offensive”, then they declare war on freedom of thought (in my opinion).

  3. Big Dog says:

    The flag on the site is to mark the items as objectionable. This allows Blogger to determine if warnings need to be posted and for them to make sure the TOS is not violated.

    I have no objection to people posting their beliefs. And yes, I read every post on the page. I find the idea repulsive and would still fight for their right to express the ideas. If any of them act upon those ideas they are committing a crime. No matter how you slice it sex with a child by an adult is a crime.

    I believe that all child sex offenders should be locked up when convicted. Too often they prey on the young after they rare released. These guys (I can’t call them men because I don’t feel they qualify) may express anything they want. They are however, precariously close to advocating that people act upon their feelings. When they say to only be intimate if the child is comfortable with it is very close to advocating a crime.