Should We Execute Our Corrupt Politicians?

China’s ex-food and drug chief was executed for taking bribes with regard to the approval of a medication that has been linked to a number of deaths. There has also, in recent weeks, been a surge in poisoned food products and health and beauty aids with pet food and toothpaste on that list. Observers indicate that even though China executes more people than most other countries combined, this was a particularly harsh sentence.

If this guy took bribes and his greed was responsible for others dying then maybe it was not so harsh after all but I will bet the next guy to have this job will walk a straight line. In any event, perhaps we should consider changing our laws so that politicians involved in corruption can be executed for their crimes. There would be a huge house cleaning at first but it would die off (pun intended) and people would get into office knowing that if they become corrupt, they will suffer the same fate.

This should keep politicians honest and keep temptation down but there will be those who think they can cheat the system and get away with it. A public execution will keep the others in line. Imagine the headline: Senator Schmuckatelli was hanged today in front of the Capitol for taking bribes from a lobbyist in order to secure his vote on an immigration amnesty bill.

Now this is an idea that will make America safer with less government intrusion.

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One Response to “Should We Execute Our Corrupt Politicians?”

  1. JennSierra says:

    Toby and Willie said it best, here.