Should Monica Sue The Cigar Company?

Hillary Clinton and the rest of the anti-gun zealots in this nation want the ability to sue gun manufacturers if their products are used in any manner that causes harm. One assumes they mean unlawful harm as I doubt anyone would want a gun manufacturer to be sued for a police officer that shot someone in the performance of his duty.

Regardless what they really want the entire idea is stupid. Firearms are manufactured and sold in this country. So long as the manufacturer provided them legally and they were not in some way defective then that manufacturer should not be held accountable for what the end user does with the product.

This is another overreach by the people who routinely violate the US Constitution. These people are tyrants and they will try everything they can, legal or not, in order to rule over people with an iron fist and they can’t quite do that until they can disarm people and make it tougher for them to get firearms.

How many firearms companies would go out of business if they could be sued because some moron uses a gun illegally and someone gets harmed? How many could stay in business if a legal owner shoots a home invader and the invader’s family sues the firearms company because the product caused harm?

It is moronic to hold the companies responsible in these instances.

The law in place has many provisions that would allow manufacturers to be sued but she [Hillary] wanted the version that allowed lawsuits for improper use of the gun by the end user (Sanders voted against that one and she is attacking him for it). Someone using the product in a manner that harms others SHOULD NEVER BE something a company can be sued for.

For those of you who think this is a good idea let me ask:

  • Should Microsoft or Dell be sued if someone uses Microsoft software and a Dell computer to steal identities?
  • Should Apple be sued because a person using a cell phone and not paying attention walks off a cliff?
  • Should a sports company be sued because a person uses baseball bats to beat the hell out of people?
  • Should condom companies be sued because rapists use their condoms when committing rape?
  • Should a small appliance company be sued because an idiot used a hair dryer in the tub and died of electrocution?

The obvious answer to these questions is no. The companies did not do anything wrong and the companies did not use its products in a manner that harmed someone. This is just as true for the gun makers.

But guns are scary and liberal bed wetters do not like them so they have to have ways to do it. They don’t like guns so they want to sue the people who make them rather than go after the people who use them illegally.

This is the liberal mind set. It is never the fault of the person who did it. There must be some reason and the blame game begins. No matter what problems people have in life liberals will always find someone or something to blame for those problems. Look at any person in Baltimore picked up for a violent crime and that person has a record a mile long for other violent or gun related crimes (along with drugs) and the joker is still on the street. The problem is not some other thing, the problem is the person who did it and a liberal justice system that refuses to punish offenders.


But I am latching onto Hillary’s idea here. I think we should be allowed to sue politicians who enact laws and make decisions that harm the public. We should be able to sue the hell out of any politician who does anything that violates the Constitution.

Then we might get some reform in this country.

As for Hillary and suing gun makers, a stupid idea from a stupid person and makes as much sense as Monica suing the cigar company for the harm done to her…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Should Monica Sue The Cigar Company?”

  1. Blake says:

    Well, if Monica got cancer of the vagina, perhaps she would have a case-BTW, I haven’t gotten any of your posts for the last month or so- on vacation? Or just changing carriers?

  2. Big Dog says:

    I have not been posting much. Maybe once or twice a week. I want to step that up but have been busy…