Should Hillary Return The Money?

From NewsMax (via email):

Hillary Clinton accepted a $13,000 contribution to her campaign war chests from the husband of supermodel Christie Brinkley, whose marriage collapsed amid revelations that he’d cheated on Christie with a teenager.

Architect Peter Cook, who wed Brinkley in 1996, had a nearly yearlong affair with wannabe singer and former employee Diana Bianchi, now 19, and gave her gifts of money, jewelry and a car. Both Cook and Bianchi have confirmed the affair.

Asked if she would return Cook’s donations, Clinton said: “I’ll have to look into it,” the New York Post reported. But aide Ann Lewis later said: “We do not intend to return his contributions.”

I don’t necessarily think that she should return the money. If having an affair excluded people from donating to politicians then a lot of the people who donate would be excluded. Hillary will not return it because that would mean she acknowledges adultery as a thing that people should be rebuked for, a position she did not hold when hubby Bill was caught catting around.

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