Should He Get The Death Penalty?

I have been thinking about the Zacarias Moussaoui trial. Moussaoui is not making things any easier on himself because he keeps telling everyone he was involved in the 9/11 attacks and that he wants more 9/11s to happen until all Americans are dead. These types of statements can only produce two results; infuriate the jury so he gets death or present an image of an insane man who should be spared.

Moussaoui’s lawyers intend to argue that he is not right in the head and his life should be spared. They might have something because what rationale person would make statements that could help fence sitters cross over? Lawyers have jobs to do and I expect these folks are just as repulsed by Moussaoui as most Americans but they must ensure he receives due process. The question remains, should he get the death penalty?

Anyone who reads this site knows that I am not opposed to the death penalty so if they fried this guy I would not bat an eye because he deserves to be killed. I just wonder if that is the smartest thing to do. Moussaoui has this delusion of grandeur. He assigns himself much more importance than he is worth and I think it is because he feels disgraced or dishonored because he did not make himself a martyr on 9/11. He realizes that he failed in his mission and can not have everlasting happiness with Allah until he is killed as a result of 9/11, which is what a death penalty would be.

Killing him though, might just make him a martyr in the eyes of other fanatics watching the proceedings. It might make Moussaoui happy to know he will be put to death as a fighter in this ill-conceived jihad. I would not be surprised if he waved his rights to appeal so that he could be sent to Mohammad’s virgin paradise quickly. And therein lies the dilemma. I think he wants to die and views living as a disgrace. I think it would be more punishing to him to be given life without parole. He could never make it to the promised land because he will not be killed as a result of 9/11. Besides, lethal injection is way too nice for this guy.

It would be more interesting if they gave him life without parole and made him spend it in the main part of the prison not segregated from the general population of criminals. There is an honor or code among thieves and Moussaoui would not last long in prison. He would be assaulted, beaten, probably gang raped, and practically tortured by those in the general prison population who view terrorists on the same level as pedophiles. After some time of this Moussaoui would be begging for someone to kill him and, I imagine, one day someone would.

This would probably be the best way to handle the whole thing. If he gets the death penalty that will be fine but I am not going to get too upset if he gets life without parole. That kind of sentence will give him hell on Earth as opposed to virgins in paradise….

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