Shorter Dems: Save Us From Ourselves

The Democrats forced Obamacare on all of us. They wanted to take over the health care in this nation in an effort to further control people so they pushed through a massive bill that no one read. Pelosi told everyone they had to pass it to see what was in it (it should work the other way around for those who are as brain dead as she).

So this huge bill was pushed through and Obama signed it into law. Then the problems started. It was challenged in court and in an amazing act of judicial malfeasance, John Roberts cast the deciding vote to uphold the law after he rewrote it (figuratively) from the bench.

After that more and more of the bad things popped up and began to affect people who supported it. Obama’s lies were exposed and people were getting screwed. Things were so bad Democrats lost control of the House and then the Senate.

There is currently a challenge to the law that could unravel it. Democrats tried to coerce states into setting up exchanges by offering subsidies only to those in states with exchanges. They discussed this carrot and stick tactic over and over when pushing the law. A number of states did not set up the exchanges so the feds did (which they can under the law). The feds then allowed the subsidies which it is not allowed to do under the law. The words are clear in the law (maybe they should have read it first) because this is what they intended. Now they claim it was never intended to be that way.

If the law is upheld as written, in other words if John Roberts (or any others for that matter) does not again legislate from the bench, then it could unravel the entire thing.

This is all going on as other parts of the law are beginning to take place. There were items that phased in and now that they are getting close to starting it is getting clear they are not good. One such thing involves putting companies with 51-100 employees in the more costly small group market. This will cause all kinds of trouble for these companies. It is set to take effect in 2016.

A number of Senate Democrats have spoken up and are begging Obama to delay this. They are not worried that it will harm business though they claim this is their concern. They claim they want the market to gradually adapt before this takes place (it has been in effect for 5 years now). In other words, they want to delay the screwing the companies will get so they can get accustomed to the violation.

Here is the real deal; the Democrats are worried that this will cause turmoil and they will face backlash from the voters. They are concerned that the problems will be used to batter their party during the next presidential election. Since only Democrats voted for it only Democrats are responsible for it. They know they could lose the White House and more seats in Congress.

This is ALL they are concerned with. This is the only reason Obama delayed the things he did, so they would be after his last election.

We need to get rid of the entire law. Democrats will not do that.

But we should not let them continue to delay to save their sorry butts. They loved it so much when they forced it on us it is time to make them suffer through the problems they caused.

It will be painful for everyone but pain is often the best teacher and there are a lot of liberals who need a lesson.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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