Shocking Video Of McCain Sign Thief

A guy named Shawn Turschak was tired of someone stealing his McCain/Pailin signs so he hooked a little dog electric fence up to the sign post and then placed a camera to record the thief.

I hope that little shock taught the kid a lesson. I hope it was severe enough to hurt for a while and bad enough to make him tell his parents about it. I have to believe that this little tyke did not decide to steal the signs on his own and was probably egged on by cowardly parents who could later claim, if he were caught, that he acted on his own and they would “punish” him. If the parents were caught, they could get in trouble with the law. Cowards.

Anyway, this is a great idea and I bet it taught, at least for a little while, a very valuable lesson.

Big Dog Salute to Kat.

Big Dog

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13 Responses to “Shocking Video Of McCain Sign Thief”

  1. Adam says:

    Strange. I didn’t think Republicans believed in science.

  2. Char-Lez Braden says:

    Now you know how ignorant you are.

  3. MsWA says:

    Haha – brilliant.

  4. Big Dog says:

    Sure Republicans believe in science. Now, if you are referring to an unproven theory like global warming or evolution, then no we don’t but they really have little to do with science.

    Neither has been proven and neither likely will.

  5. Adam says:

    You can deny evolution all you want. That’s a good debate. Just don’t stick a human saddle on a dinosaur or you’re officially anti-Science.

  6. Big Dog says:

    That’s a funny picture. Not believing in evolution though, does not mean you do not believe in dinosaurs…

    How did prehistoric men ride dinosaurs if they did not have saddles????

  7. Big Dog says:

    When most people are little kids, their parents take a picture of them on a pony.

    That picture is of Adam. His parents told him it was a cave man’s pony…..LOL

  8. No way did a child this young come up with the sign-swapping idea on his own!

  9. Vxnschatzee says:

    Actually there is no doubt that evolution truly exists. Species evolve all the time. The problem is proving that humans evolved from earlier primates. If they did, how come every now and again some dude doesn’t walk out of the jungle going “what the hell???”

    Seriously, there’s a reason they can never find the missing link. Maybe because it is intelligent design!

  10. Adam says:

    I always did hate horses.

  11. James says:

    Hey, I’m an Obama Democrat, but I’m a U. S. citizen first. Everybody gets to express their opinion, and I hope this kid learned a lesson.

    No cheating! Not on Wall Street, not in Washington, and not in the election.

  12. Vote McCain says:

    Thank you James!!!
    However, I feel McCain is a safer choice.

  13. Vote McCain says:

    If Republicans don’t believe in science then how am I a physics major at Cornell. (If you don’t know where Cornell is you probably don’t believe in science)