She’s A Woman And That’s Good Enough For Me

I was over at Adam’s site and he has a response from some person who is obviously a novice in politics. The person was welcoming Adam to be a guest speaker at some site where the author is pushing for Hillary Clinton to be president. Now I understand Adam. He would sign up to write for Attila the Hun if he were a registered democrat who promised to raise taxes, lower our defenses and increase spending on social programs. Hell, he would probably support Hussein if he made those promises. But this novice has some learning to do. I personally could not support Hillary. It is not the fact she is a female. That does not bother me. It is the fact she is a socialist who is pretending to be a moderate so she can get into office and screw the American public. She will take us down a dark path that will make us weaker than her husband did. Hillary would be a dark cloud on our horizon. There are others, though less informed and pretty well blind to her sheep’s clothing, who support her. At least they have their reasons that seem plausible to them.

This novice wants Hillary because she is a woman. No, nothing follows. Just because she is a woman. Well, hell. If that is all the novice wants there are millions of candidates out there. Oh, wait. This person is tired of “nasty republicans.”
Here is the quote from the site:

This site is totally unofficial. As yet, I don’t know Hillary Clinton that well politically, and not at all personally. I’m not paid to do this. I’m doing it because I want a female president ASAP, Hillary is a great woman for the job, and I’m just so tired of nasty Republican attacks where politics should be.

This person is a freakin genius. I don’t know her but she is a woman and not a nasty republican so I want her to be president. If this is what our country is coming to then we are in for a rough and rocky road. Adam will be happy. He will have an obviously unformed mind to mold in the image of himself.
God help us all.

Perhaps if this novice spends some time here at the Dog’s house Surfside can provide a quality education on Hillary.

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15 Responses to “She’s A Woman And That’s Good Enough For Me”

  1. Adam says:

    Oh blah Big Dog. You’d vote for a skunk if he pissed on the UN.

    Name one issue Hillary is moving center on. We’ve been over this before. If this time you actually do find something I’ll give it to you, but you’ve failed in the past.

    Clinton is the main topic of this blog lately. What, you can’t think of one good thing a Republican has done lately? Oh wait, they are blowing it all up on your faces. Too bad, huh?

  2. Big Dog says:

    You are, of course, incorrect again. If you look, there are many posts that have nothing to do with Hill. However, we have to be fair and balanced here to off set the pablum that comes from those who want to vote for someone because of their sex (which is the reason that you all love Bill, come to think of it).

    I have voted for candidates that support the UN. I do not like them but I am not a one issue voter like you guys.

    BTW, have you had anything besides anti-Bush/pro-UN stuff at you site in say, the last month? Talk about one topic…..

  3. Surfside says:

    Adam, Adam, Adam. I think the pot is calling the kettle black. You’re blog is much more about Bush than our blog is about Hillary. If you want, I’ll happily crunch some numbers for you.

    Hey! I am a woman and not a nasty Republican. I should run. Surfside for President!:thumbup_tb:

  4. Surfside says:

    Oops. That would be “Your blog.” That’s OK. Flawed is “in” for a presidential candidate.

  5. Adam says:

    Big Dog:

    One issue voter? Oh yeah, I just love that one issue…whatever it is…that makes me vote…for someone. Still waiting on something Hillary has gone center on that she hasn’t always been center about. Maybe you can tell me what my one issue is that I vote over.


    I dedicate my blog to politics surrounding Bush because Bush is in the Whitehouse. You can all write what you want. You just blog about Hillary more than I do. You guys must worry.

  6. Big Dog says:

    I do not worry. Even if Hill made it in the WH we could survive as a nation. I know there will be fewer people in the military because they will not serve under her. A blessing to you until the bad guys stick a bomb up your six.

    Anyway, I would hate to see her in, don’t think she will make it but if she does, we survived her ineffective husband and can survive her.

    We had this discussion before and I am not going to drag up all the issues that Hill moved to center on. You have them. You just believe she has always been that way. Hell, she was a socialist in college and she was NEVER a very Christian person until she became Evangelical all the sudden.

    Surfside has written about Hill’s move to the center that you can not see.

    Your issue is anything not conservative. Actually you hot button is peace and no military. You would vote for a candidate who would abolish the DOD before you would vote for anything else.

    Surfside would have my vote for president. I might run as the VP. Don’t worry Adam, we will let you stay.

  7. Surfside says:

    About Hillary, you’re partially right that Hillary’s move towards the center is not obvious. In fact, it’s extremely subtle. She knows that “flip-flopping” became a huge issue in the 2004 race and is not stupid enough to fall into that trap. She’s softened her stance on abortion and made some pro-religious statements. She’s been notably quiet on some hot button/divisive issues. She hasn’t been out there blasting the Republicans over the nuclear option. When she visited the troops in Iraq, she made no anti-war statements. And, this health care initiative partnership with Newt Gingrich — that pulled them both towards the center.

    In my humble opinion, Hillary is trying to walk a very fine line. She’s trying to appeal to the centrists on both the Democratic and Republican sides. However, she doesn’t want to betray her party faithful. Actually, I’m fairly impressed with her ability to accomplish this goal. Problem is she’ll have to take a stand on the issues once the campaigning officially starts.

  8. Big Dog says:

    So true. Adam is real big on the polls. He always puts them on his site and then makes statements like “well x% of the American population, blah, blah.” Well here is a poll for him (not that I place any faith in polls). USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll:
    Question “Do you consider Hillary a liberal, moderate or conservative?
    Liberal 54%
    Moderate 30%
    Conservative 9% (what planet are they from? Thus my lack of faith in polls)
    No opinion 7%

    There Adam. Using your methods of polls lead the way, Hillary is a liberal because 54% of the public thinks so.

    BTW, seems Hill is a bit upset about a book coming out. I will try to write about it later.

  9. Adam says:

    I understand polls can be flawed, but they do a pretty good job of putting issues in focus. What I love about you, Big Dog, is that when a person considers how Americans are thinking, they are pandering to polls. You say Clinton was only favored in the end for pandering to polls, with no consideration that his biggest job is to lead Americans in the direction Americans want to go.

    What that poll shows is the effect that Republican media has had on Hillary Clinton’s image. She is center on many issues, and has been for some time. It is that which you refuse to admit. She hasn’t shifted focus.

    Sorry, but flip flopping has been an issue in every election for past few decades. It’s like the favorite tool in the Republican tool box. It works well against a population afraid of terrorism (Bush accused Kerry), but it didn’t work well for a population ready for a new deal (Bush accused Clinton).

    I’m not a one issue voter. I leave that up to Republicans. I know too many people who voted for Bush in 2000 because of abortion. The environment and foreign policy are more important than abortion, but that’s just me I guess. You still think very little of me politically, but I guess I’m still just the young unknowing jerk compared to the wise old Big Dog who couldn’t possibly be a stubborn old asshole unwilling to see things any new way. But then again, we are both Scorpio, so that doesn’t help us get along…

  10. Adam says:

    “I know there will be fewer people in the military because they will not serve under her.”

    Oh yeah, because they are just flocking to join with Bush in there. What is it this month, a 25% shortfall? Even after they lowered their standards? Bush gives them the respect they need by letting them die in war. Four more years, four more years!

    By the way, it’s the biggest lie about the Clinton’s to say the military hated them. Bill Clinton visited more bases and met with more troops than any other President. At least he would have showed up at at least one funeral. Sorry, Big Dog, but a president not going to war is far from a bad thing.

  11. Surfside says:

    Actually, it’s not a lie that the military didn’t like Clinton. Big Dog was in the military under Clinton. So, he should have a good idea on the mood of the military. I come from a military family and are acquainted with many other military families. Some of these people rank fairly high up in the chain of command. They did not like or trust Clinton. They saw him as a draft dodger of the worst sort. And after Mogadishu, most of them would have been just as happy to roast him on a spit.

    However, they are loyal to their oath. Since he was the Commander-in-Chief, they publicly gave him the respect engendered by his rank.

    It’s irrelevant how many bases he visited. What does that have to do with how he was viewed? The Clinton would use any excuse to get on a plane and shake hands. BTW, Bill and Hill travelled more than any other presidential couple (together and individually). Spent your tax dollars — major tax dollars — continent hopping. Then Hillary used Air Force One to campaign for her Senate seat — lots more dollars lost. I don’t hear you complaining about any of that.

    Polls are inherrently flawed. They can bias the results just from the wording of a question.

  12. Big Dog says:

    People are not leaving the military because they do not like Bush. They are not enlisting because they are afraid of war. Understandable but completely different.
    There are soldiers missing limbs who want to go back. They would not do this under Hill.

    Just to be clear, I was not saying the poll proved anything. I said I do not trust polls. I only pointed it out because of your fondness.

    Hillary has always been very liberal. You keep pointing out these issues and act like she has always believed them. Look at her past, a long time ago, and see if you can say the same.

  13. Adam says:

    I am looking at Hillary’s past. You look as well. Give me more specific details of her shift center. No, things she hasn’t said don’t count, such as saying “She has said nothing about the nukular option.”

  14. Surfside says:

    Adam, we’ve done this dance before and it gets us nowhere. It doesn’t matter how much “proof” I give you, you just won’t accept it. Part of the problem is that until she ran for her Senate seat she really didn’t have an “official” political record. So, you have to interpolate from her affiliations and who she supported to understand her stance in the political arena.

    Bill was always the more centrist of the two. Hillary was the more pragmatic. She eventually embraced the concept of compromising her own values to obtain the office that would allow her to make the changes she desired. Unfortunately, healthcare reform bit her in the ass anyway. The country and her own party, just weren’t ready for socialist medicine.

    And, you are ignoring the Newt factor. Gingrich is probably one of her biggest nemeses from their presidential era. You can’t mean to tell me that their sudden “partnership” doesn’t have something to do with pulling them both to the center. Goodness! Newt isn’t even in the Senate anymore. He has no way to propose or pass any bill.

  15. Big Dog says:

    14 comments. And Adam wonders what my motivation is in mentioning Hillary.