Sheryl Crowe Has it Wrong

Crowe and Laurie David went to Karl Rove’s table to instigate a debate over global warming and the two “women” got upset with Rove. The heated exchange featured this:

“You work for me,” she told Rove, according to the Post column “The Reliable Source.”

“No,” was his response. “I work for the American people.”

Crowe’s response, through a spokesperson was:

Heather Lylis, a spokeswoman for Crow and David’s global warming tour, said Sunday that Crow’s response for Rove was: “Yes, and I’m an American citizen.”

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news to Crowe but Rove works for the President. The President and all other elected people work for the American people but Rove was not elected, he was appointed by the President and he works for the President. I suppose that one could argue that since he is paid with tax dollars he works for taxpayers. Of course this would then mean that people on government payroll only work for the wealthier people since they pay the taxes. Those who pay no taxes have no one working for them. Perhaps this is why every citizen can vote and elected officials work for the people.

Crowe is wrong about this just as she is wrong about global warming. I would though, like to see her give a fit to an elected person. Maybe she could pick a Democrats with whom she is upset about something, like not bringing the troops home quickly enough. That won’t happen, moonbats only act out against Republicans.

Crowe is a so-so singer and without that she would make a living on her back. Oh, but that is what she is doing by being Al Gore’s Ho.

How come I never get invited to these affairs. I would have had Crowe crying in her latte.

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