Sheehan Follows Clinton Doctrine

Back during the Vietnam war, William Jefferson Clinton dodged the draft and made promises he did not keep to avoid military service. He went abroad and protested US involvement in Vietnam. This series of events were glossed over by those desiring his election into the White House. They told us that it was an unpopular war and that it did not matter. That, of course, changed when George Bush ran and rumors abounded about his military service. Despite the fact that no one has been able to prove otherwise, there are those, to this day, who say Bush was AWOL or dodged the draft.

Sheehan in SpainFast forward and we have Cindy Sheehan. She has become the cause of the day for the anti-war movement. She lost her son in the war and while that might have had legitimacy when she first started, it has been overshadowed by her antics. Sheehan’s escapades have lost their luster in the US so she has taken a page from the Clinton play book and is now demonstrating in a foreign country. Sheehan was in Spain protesting in front of the US Embassy. I wonder where she gets the money to travel so much?

I have noticed that every article that features this moonbat makes mention of the fact she lost her son in the war. This is an attempt to legitimize her protests though she seems to have placed this behind her agenda and the agenda of her handlers. Cindy Sheehan is a maggot who is exploiting her son’s heroism. The fact that she has gone abroad shows that she has no regard for this country and wants to take her twisted message anywhere where people might listen.

Dissent is not unpatriotic but when it comes to the point of lunacy there and protests overseas, then I have to question the legitimacy of the dissent. Of course, for the left, she is now qualified to run for the White House.

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