She Cares About Katrina Victims

U.S. Representative Shelley Berkley, a Democrat from Nevada, has been deeply concerned about the victims of hurricane Katrina. She has been a vocal critic of the Bush administration and she even called for an independent investigation into how the Federal Government messed it all up.

The creation of an independent commission is the only way to show Americans that this is not a whitewash designed to protect those who failed the families of the Gulf region. We must have a fair, objective investigation of all aspects of the response to Katrina,” said Berkley. Berkley Web Site 9/2005

Yes, Berkley wanted to get to the bottom so we could all find out about the people who failed those folks in NO. Of course she did not mention Nagin or Blanco, the real people who were failures but we have discussed that at length. Right now we are discussing this moonbat’s concern.

So now we have to ask, if the Bush administration failed the folks in NO and the donks were so worried, why did this woman miss a vote on Katrina aid so she could have plastic surgery? Yes, that is right. While this woman worried about her looks, people in New Orleans were dying. She could have been there to vote on hurricane relief but she was too busy getting the rooster flab cut from under her neck. This woman, who was so concerned for all the people affected by this disaster felt that her looks were more important. And you know what? She showed her real side when she admitted that missing that vote to get the plastic surgery was worth it.

Skipping last fall’s vote on the Hurricane Katrina relief bill in order to get plastic surgery was worth it, says Rep. Shelley Berkley (D-Nev.), who loves her new look, ROLL CALL reports.

Bush got bashed for not being there quickly enough and this vain chick missed a vote to have elective surgery. I guess she could not have postponed it and maybe shown a little concern for the folks who were dying while she was getting a make over so she would look better on TV.

This ladies and gentlemen, is how the moonbats care about you.

Source: Drudge

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