Sharpton is Race Baiting Again

Al Sharpton is pretty much a low class race baiting poverty pimp who sees racism in every aspect of life. Why shouldn’t he? After all, it provides him with a great source of income and as long as he can extort money while oppressing his own race, the much the better. I wrote recently about Paris Hilton and her stint in jail. I discussed how I felt about it and that she should have been kept in jail (though she should have gotten amnesty from our Senate). Here is what Al said about her early release:

If she was a white coal miner’s daughter in West Virginia or a black platinum selling millionaire hip hop artist she probably would not have gotten reassigned. I think that it is another glaring display of how both race and money uh, seems to get different treatment and there seems to be a different criminal justice system for some than others. [Sharpton Radio program]

I will agree with Al that wealth had a lot to do with this but race had little to do with it. In reality race would play in this if she were treated more harshly for being white or if a black gets off because someone is afraid an idiot like Sharpton will incite a riot. The only reason that she got special treatment (which might soon be revoked) is because she is rich. Al want you to believe that if she were black or poor this would not have happened. Let me ask a few questions:

Al, have you ever heard of a guy named OJ Simpson? He got off, in part, because he is a black guy. Top it off with he murdered two white people. Now a jury found him not guilty and that is good enough for me but the truth is the jury was not comprised of the sharpest tools in the shed.

Al, how many times has Snoop Dogg been arrested for gun and/or drug possession? This is a thug who was once tried for murder, who belongs in a gang and who breaks the law constantly. He has been arrested time and again for violating his probation and yet he remains free. Now tell me Al, who is getting special treatment based on race?

How is Sean P. Diddy doing these days? Wasn’t he arrested and tried for a murder that took place while he was there? How did he escape this? Was he not guilty or was his skin color a factor? Given your words Al, we deserve to know.

The fact is Al, when a person is rich his color matters little. Robert Blake, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and plenty of other wealthy, famous people have been in trouble with the law and treated differently than the rest of us. It is wrong but the way to correct it is not for race baiters like you to make this a black or white issue.

I also think that Al, you have gotten off after inciting a few riots where people were killed after you told your peeps, no justice, no peace. They took that literally and there was no peace. How about the kill the Jew and one was killed? Al, you have been overlooked because of your color. You should be behind bars right now.

It would be a good idea for you to never protest in my neck of the woods…

Big Dog

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4 Responses to “Sharpton is Race Baiting Again”

  1. Robert says:

    Amen BD, I really couldn’t care less about the slut. But Al should shut the hell up about it.

    He is doing his normal race dance and sooner or later folks are going to wake up and see what this idiot is. The black version of the grand wizard of the KKK.

  2. […] JAIL for more than 2 weeks. Once Paris got out, for an “unspecified medical condition”, Sharpton began his race baiting about how Paris was only released early because she is WHITE AND rich, as if being BLACK and rich […]

  3. Virginia says:

    Good article Bigdog. I know how you feel, let him bring it to my part of town and he will end up in jail with more pimps.

  4. Paul says:

    Here’s another example of the fact that “Rev” Al Sharpton has never met a news story he can’t stick his nose in. What does he want a public apology from the person who approved her release? Sharpton, stay in New York where you can perform your one trick pony race baiting act to the delight of nobody.

    It comes down to this, just what does this have to do with the Rev. Sharpton anyway.