Sexism in Campaign is Overrated

Gloria Steinem, the aging feminazi, is on the campaign trail stumping for Hillary Clinton. While Steinem is out discussing the supposed qualifications of she who would be Queen, it boils down to one qualification and that is, Hillary is a woman. Steinem discusses the campaign and how Hillary is not given a fair chance or how the media is better to Obama or any of the other claims made by the Clinton apologists. She throws in a few of the references to male domination and all the other excuses that women use when they fail to achieve. Women have made quantum leaps with regard to equality in the workplace and in education. There are many women in institutes of higher learning and there are plenty in the workplace and they are protected under Equal Opportunity laws to such a great extent that they receive benefits of affirmative action. Women owned businesses receive special treatment so much so that contractors align with them in order to win competitive bids. This is not good enough for the feminist Steinem because, in her eyes, there must be sexism involved if Hillary is losing. Steinem goes so far as to indicate John McCain’s time as a POW was overrated and if he were a woman men would ask what she did wrong to get shot down and captured. I think we all remember this being the case with Jessica Lynch, who by the way, was rescued by a bunch of men.

Steinem, while claiming to be a feminist, is supporting a candidate who cried, who relied on a man (her husband), who debated by whining about getting questions first and who generally ran a poor campaign. Hillary Clinton had a double digit lead when this whole thing started and she was the presumptive nominee long before the contests began in earnest. The campaign process was a mere formality. Instead of sexism, isn’t it just possible that people do not think she would be a good president? Isn’t it possible that after the population had a chance to see Hillary on the campaign trail they were less enamored with her? Top this off with a candidate who has the ability to say absolutely nothing and still thrill people (especially women) and it spells disaster for any candidate regardless of that person’s sex.

The idea that Hillary is being rejected because of sexism is absolutely ludicrous but the mere suggestion shows that even staunch Democrats believe that their party is comprised of sexists. It is not the Republican Party that is giving the nod to Obama, it is the Democrats who are voting for him over the woman who has been dubbed the smartest woman in the world. The Democratic establishment has also recognized that it has racists in it because anyone who opposes Obama is tagged as a racist. Remember, this is all coming from the party of diversity and tolerance.

Hillary Clinton is being rejected because she is a polarizing person. She rubs people the wrong way and, when compared to Obama, her lack of personality is glaringly obvious. The suggestion that America rejects her because of her sex ignores the flaws of the person and lays blame on the voters who are obviously too stupid to see that she deserves to win. The fact that she is a woman does not qualify her for the job though Steinem would have us believe this. There are plenty of women in this country who would do an admirable job as President just as there are many blacks who would do an equally good job. Yes, America is ready for a black or a woman but we are not ready for this black or that woman, not because of those qualities but because of what they represent with regard to the issues.

Steinem believes that Hillary is the best candidate and that is her opinion. Just because people do not accept Hillary does not mean people are sexists any more than those who reject Obama are racists. Does this mean there is no racism or sexism? Certainly not. There are people who will not vote for either of these candidates based solely on their race or sex. I would bet though, there are more people who will vote FOR them based on these attributes than against and that is just as bad. Some however, will vote for a person based upon a perception of qualifications. In some cases it will be the lesser of two evils as it usually is in politics.

If Steinem wants a woman to win perhaps they should run one who can win. I would also wonder if Steinem would have the same feelings were the losing female candidate a Republican? BTW Gloria, I would vote for a Conservative woman or black person if I thought they would do the best job.

We have 300 million people in this country and these three are the best we can come up with? That, in and of itself, is depressing.

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4 Responses to “Sexism in Campaign is Overrated”

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  2. Raven says:

    I wrote a post four or five months ago about Hillary and her sex being her worst enemy…this was before I thought she would be THE QUEEN…my original thinking back then was right. It is ONE factor in this race- the femail thing. In these times, people are not ready for a woman to be President of the US.
    That’s not sexist. That’s just the way it is right now. Women offer society many valuable and much needed opinions and ideas. Men think- and sometimes not very hard. Women balance that, sometimes too much. It all works out in the end.

    Having said that, looking at the ObOmb’s record and his platform and hearing him speak, I’d rather see Hillary get the nomination anyday. He’s a very dangerous man. He has the potential to wreck far more havoc on American than Hillary could ever dream of.

    Raven’s last blog post..I guess Fred’s officially out of the race…

  3. Neghie says:

    Goodness people, it has nothing to do with her being female. In this race, Hillary being a woman is actually helping her because honestly, she is not a very likable candidate. Her only saving grace in this race is the fact that just like Obama, her winning will certainly be history making. All this crying about sexism is just another failing attempt to muster up some sympathy votes from emotionally chraged women. If anything, they are treating her like they’d treat any other unlikable, intelligent, hardcore candidate. I’m a woman, and as much as I’d like to vote for a woman, I resent the notion that I should vote for her simply because where share the same type of sex organs. If she wants to be treated equally, then she needs to stop whining and crying like men expect women to do.

  4. frankie says:

    Women always want to have the cake and eat it too! It is the entitlement attitude that we all know about. Women simply can get away with acting/saying out things men would be shamed for. Problem is also that there is no balance or responsibilies or regulations to indicate the objective fairness but the so call “fairness” by women. But then what woman would volunteer to say to the society that we have reached equality when women have alot to gain by constantly receiving special treatment. For example, I heard women who clearly stated that they would vote for Hillary simply because she is a woman. Now, no one would even tell these women they are not being fair! And if I say I want a man in office, I would be called a sexist a thousand times.