Senators Think We Are not Bright Enough to Understand

Senator Saxby Chambliss received boos and hisses when he was discussing the bipartisan amnesty bill going through the Senate. In typical elitist fashion this elected official let us know that once again Congress understands and we do not. We are not as smart as they are, you see. They know better than we how to spend our money and how to live our lives so of course they know better when it comes to immigration. Chambliss was fairly condescending when he said:

After the speech, Chambliss said he took the crowd’s reaction as a lack of popular understanding of the shape of the current immigration system.

A lack of popular understanding is how he took it. How about I tell you what it means Senator? What it means is that Americans know exactly what amnesty is and we know that you jackasses in Congress are allowing law breakers a free pass. You might think we are stupid, and since you were elected maybe we are, but we are well aware that many provisions will be trimmed out to make this better for ILLEGALS. The 5 grand they have to pay will be trimmed or eliminated as will many other provisions. The bottom line though, is that no matter what you call it, it is AMNESTY and we understand that perfectly.

Not to be outdone by Chambliss, Senator Lindsey Graham took a shot at people who are not in favor of this amnesty bill:

“If you don’t like President Bush’s proposal come up with one of your own that can get support in the Congress to control immigration — which is in chaos,” Graham said. The State

Well Lindsay, in case you are unaware this is Ted Kennedy’s proposal. Though I am quite displeased that Bush signed on to it, it is not accurate to say that it is his proposal. Secondly, it is not my job to come up with proposals dumb ass, that is what we pay you for. But we also pay you to enforce the laws of this nation and by allowing law breakers to pay some token fine (that will likely be lowered or eliminated) you cheapen this country and tell the rest of the people in the world that America does not enforce the law. Kennedy gave us the last amnesty about 25 years ago and swore to America that the security measures would make amnesty unnecessary again in the future. Here we are 25 years later and we are giving amnesty to 3-5 times as many people, something Teddy the Boozer promised would not happen.

I thought you were a JAG officer? Are not most of you people lawyers? How is it that you all are too stupid or too blind to see that these people are breaking the law and that you are giving them amnesty. I have an idea for you and the rest of the idiots who infest the halls of the Capitol, how about we give the same consideration to all the men and women in uniform who have been accused or convicted of a crime while serving this country in the war on terror? You say that ILLEGALS are here doing jobs that most Americans will not and that we need them so you are willing to look the other way with a little fine or whatever so that they keep coming and keep working? OK, our military members do a job that very few Americans (and the ILLEGALS you love) are willing to do. They put their lives on the line each and every day. Some of them have been accused of crimes because they made a dog bark at a terrorist or killed some guy they thought was a bad person. These soldiers are the ones people like Ted Kennedy excoriate in the media and the true criminals he holds up and praises with an amnesty package.

I demand that ALL military members charged with a crime that was alleged to have been committed in the theater of operations be given the opportunity to pay a $5 fine and leave the war zone for a year before they return.

Senator Graham, I have come up with my own plan and Senator Chambliss, I have a complete understanding of it. Any member of the Republican Party who votes for this will be targeted in the next election. We will make ILLEGAL immigration (particularly AMNESTY) the sole issue with regard to those of you who vote for it regardless of whether it passes or not. Vote for it and you are a target in the next election. You were rejected in the last election because you lacked leadership ability. Screw this up and you will be looking for other jobs. You might not realize it but the vast majority who disapprove of this will be voting.

It is pretty easy to understand but let me make it clear, NO AMNESTY.

We could get the first 100 people who walk into Wal Mart and they would do a better job in the Senate than you people.

Big Dog

UPDATE: I forgot to add that I have decided to stop donating money to any candidate or to the RNC and I have encouraged family and friends to do the same.

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8 Responses to “Senators Think We Are not Bright Enough to Understand”

  1. Robert says:

    Well said and I’m all for it. All the letters have been written and sent to EVERY republican in my district, as well as the state I currently reside in.

    NO INCUMBENT…… at all. IMO even the ones voting against this bill during this congress should be voted out to send a clear message. Unless they come out like Tancredo has on ILLEGAL immigration.

  2. Smokey says:

    I am with you BD – and how’s this for a plan, since “Uncle Teddy” is on record as promising that the amnesty of 25 years ago would be the last, and enforcement would guarantee that, can we not charge him with perjury? Or at the very least, I say that all of us on the right begin pointing out that little fact as often as we can…..

  3. Sheila says:

    How has The United States of America survived for 231 years if WE, the people are so stupid? We understand the concept of whether or not people are breaking the law; and whether or not our elected officials are doing what is in the best interest of AMERICAN safety, security and sovereignty.
    Illegal aliens ARE breaking the law.
    Elected officials are NOT doing their job. They appear to have forgotten that THEY work for US; not the NAU or the Mexican government.

  4. David M says:

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    A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention.

  5. Lynnanne Huber says:

    Come up with your own proposal?

    How about this:


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  7. fubaglady says:

    We know a stupid and dangerous plan when we see it. And we don’t even have to see the whole thing. The few cards they showed are bad enough!

  8. Big Dog says:

    I appreciate the comments. As I have known all along, the people who comment here (even those who disagree) are smarter than those in Congress. Together we WILL win this battle.