Senator Mikulski Opposes Roberts

Senator Barbara Mikulski stated today that she would oppose the nomination of John Roberts as Chief Justice of the Unites States. In her statement she said:

“I am left with persistent doubts about whether he will safeguard civil rights, the implicit right to privacy and equal protection of the law…What he believes is what he is, and it will shape the Supreme Court for the next 20 years.”

I would like to think Mikulski made this decision after some real soul searching but the fact is she is playing partisan politics. Mikulski has as much information on Roberts as she did on Ginsburg and she voted for Ginsburg. She is worried about a man who has strong family values and will make decisions based on the law and the Constitution but she voted for a person who believes in murdering unborn children and thinks the age of consent should be 12. The senator was worried that Roberts might be a right wing ideologue yet she voted for an extreme left wing ideologue and had no problem with that.

Senator Mikulski is a disgrace to the state of Maryland and the US Senate. John Roberts is a good man who does not have to pander to the masses to keep a job. He is opposed by a career politician who has Maryland so wrapped up the only time we see her is when she makes a few token appearances around election time. Mikulski said:

“In the end, I have too many doubts about what Judge Roberts will mean for civil rights and constitutional liberties caused by what he said – and what he didn’t say

Hey senator, what about the justice you voted for who “upheld” our rights and liberties by voting to allow government to take our property so someone else can profit from it? You are never worried about our rights and liberties when you vote for oppressive taxes and put pork into the budget. I am ashamed that you represent the state in which I live.

I have an idea. The next time Mikulski is up for reelection let us all band together and give her the same vote she is giving Roberts. She is worried about his record and hers is nothing to write home about. She talks about her newfound worry for the Constitution when she and her donk buddies wipe their butts with it every chance they get.

Just to put it in perspective, this is from Ginsburg’s biography:

While leaning towards the liberal side of the Court’s political spectrum, Ginsburg has not hesitated to vote with her conservative colleagues. Ginsburg has shown a continuing willingness to promote women’s rights from the High Court.

Saying that Ginsburg leans liberal is like saying the Tower of Pisa is a little canted but that is beside the point. Ginsburg promotes women’s rights from the bench. That is not the job of a justice. This is the job of the legislature. But Barbara Mikulski voted for her anyway. I think her real problem with Roberts is that she believes him when he says he will interpret law according to the Constitution. That scares her and the rest of the left who legislate through the bench.

You can read Senator Moonbat’s statements here.

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2 Responses to “Senator Mikulski Opposes Roberts”

  1. The next time she’ll be up for re-election it is most likely one of the following will happen:

    1. People (except us die-hards) will have forgotten all about this since she has 5+ years of spin to send out before she’s up again in 2010.

    2. That is, IF she runs again, she’ll be 74 years old in 2010.

    We all know she is what she is. But it’s hard for Joe Q. Public to pick on an old lady moonbat.

  2. danhardisty says:

    Its my opinion that she will only get away with spinning if we let her. It still bites that we have to put up with her for so long though. On the bright side, we have a really good shot at getting Steele in, which would be awesome.