Senator Dodd Should be Arrested for Child Abuse

There is an article out about the Democratic Primary and how it boils down to a four letter word which happens to be Iowa. Hillary Clinton enjoys a lead in national polls due to her name recognition but in Iowa she is running neck and neck with Obama and Clinton with Obama now in the lead by a percentage points. The candidates are pouring their hearts and souls into this state and are spending time there courting people they will forget about as soon as the election (or caucus) is over.

Regardless of these power plays there is one candidate who has gone way overboard and who is abusing his child as part of this process. Senator Christopher has moved his family to Iowa and placed his relocated daughter in a kindergarten there to show how much he cares for the state:

Dodd has temporarily moved his family to Iowa to demonstrate his commitment to the state, enrolling his daughter in kindergarten at a Des Moines public school. My Way News

This jerk has temporarily uprooted his small child and placed that little girl in a school away from her friends at home just to show a state that he has little to do with just how much he cares about it. It is a pretty good bet he will not win Iowa and even if he does as soon as the contest there is over he will move his family back home and this means his child will have to go back to her old school. This is certainly not in the child’s best interest and has a huge impact on her social development. Children make friends and they do not like to be moved away from those friends. Moving during the school year means the child must go into a new environment where they are probably learning different things and then she will go through this again.

This is totally wrong and the guy should be arrested for child abuse. It is not like he has to do this, he is doing it to pander to the Iowans so he can show them how much he cares. Evidently he cares more about them than his own family. I find this disgusting and think he should be taken to task for it. Those Democrats are all for the children, especially when they can exploit them for personal gain.

This guy is 63 and he has a 6 year old and a 2 year old. I guess the only consolation is that he will likely be dead before they are grown and certainly he will not be around to abuse his grandchildren.

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “Senator Dodd Should be Arrested for Child Abuse”

  1. irtexas44 says:


    It just goes to show how much this jerk thinks of himself. For children that age school is enough of a trauma to begin with. They don’t need their arrogant, self serving parent to make it worse. I’m surprised his throphy wife is letting him get away with it. This will probably back fire in his face for being so uncaring that he would do this to a 6 y/o. What a bunch of phoney’s.

  2. Adam says:

    Speaking of Iowa, this front loaded primary stuff really hurts democracy I think but I’m not sure of an alternative. Hillary won’t have to win Iowa to keep pace though, she’ll just need to come out strong and not have a Howard Dean meltdown if she doesn’t get 1st.

    In 1992 Clinton skipped Iowa because Tom Harkin was running for President from the state and then placed 2nd in New Hampshire to Paul Tsongas. I guess they didn’t call him the Comeback Kid for nothing though…